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Furadise Survival a dedicated PVE server

Furadise Survival

is a 16+ Rated Minecraft Survival involving mainly the furry community.

(16+ meaning swearing is fine)

a spin off of

owned by KuraiSkrap and Joshtiger.

this server will likely be smaller but
with a harder survival focus

Villager trading is disabled to avoid mending

mobgreifing is on

Keepinventory is off

there is no /back

Difficulty is set to hard

there is no /fly for anyone but staff

its currently new and in BETA

we are working out some kinks, and setting things up

but i figured id post this early.

invite your friends

and after a hour of gameplay they can /ref yourname

to give both of you 5 diamonds, to reward you for growing this new server

aswell as 10 bonus diamonds for inviting 5 users

and 20 bonus diamonds at 10 invited users

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