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Super Semi Vanilla [1.15.2]

Minecraft 1.15.2 (Latest Version) | Economy | mcMMO | Towny | Survival
⋆ Super Semi Vanilla ⋆

This is a small server with an accepting community for friendly people to come together and hang out on Minecraft. We are primarily a survival server at the moment. You can come on the server to hang out with us while grinding away at survival; we’ll take recommendations for any fun ideas you have.

Join our Discord and check out our website:

Minecraft Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Minecraft-Survival VANILLA 1.5.12

Minecraft-Survival is a Vanilla Minecraft Server. We have minimal plug-ins so you can enjoy the Vanilla Minecraft experience! The staff is very friendly and we look forward to you joining our community!

Feel free to also join us on discord! –

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MinedHype Hardcore Survival 1.15.2 – 48 Hour Death Ban

Connect IP:
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Central
Server Info/Rules:

Hardcore Anarchy with DeathBan! You will be banned for 48 hours upon death!

Hardcore DeathBan Server Rules & Info: (

  • Hardcore Survival with DeathBan
  • You will be banned for 48 hours if you die!
  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/xray/spam
  • Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc.
  • Chat is not moderated
  • Grief, Raiding, & PvP allowed
  • Spawn in a random radius of 2500 blocks
  • Difficulty set to hard with plugin to provide hardcore experience
  • Death count number will show next to your name when you push TAB
  • DiscordSRV live deaths/events/achievements/chat in #hardcore-server
  • Unlimited world size with no border
  • Categories
    Community Medieval Quests Semivanilla Vanilla

    The Righteous Path [Survival&CreativeZone] [QUARANTINE PARTY-ZONE] [NO HACKS] [NO TOILET PAPER]

    [​Survival][​Medieval][​Grief Protection][​24/7][​No Hacks]

    Discord : available from an admin

    Hello Traveler!

    We have built 52.5 Km (34.42mi) of paths for horse friendly travel of our Role play area.

    Our Server was founded in the hopes to create a place to relax and enjoy Minecraft with members of our community, new and old!

    The Righteous Path is now two years old and is full of medieval themed settlements and people passionate about building and creating a thriving community.

    We host regular community events and quests for players and we are also working on a currency system, nether hub, trade zone and more!

  • WORLD LIMIT is currently 10k Blocks
  • Difficulty: Hard++
  • Players are not permitted to use mods to x-ray, fly or hack in any other way. Using these will result in a ban.
  • We ask that all players are respectful to one another, any forms of abuse will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • We have free horses to start your Journey and over 21 kilometers of horse friendly paths (no stairs only slabs, with high ceiling caves)
    Players may build between spawn and 3k. Although if we feel your build isn’t fitting with the landscape, we will find you a nice spot past the 3k distance.

    We hope to see you online soon!


    For our players enjoyment and safety we have Grief protection and essentials installed.

    You can read about grief protection here:

    Admin Admins Build Donate Donations Free Lag Minecraft Mod Moderators Old Oldest Popular Semivanilla Server Staff Survival Vanilla

    True survival, without the grief.

    Home of Freedonia – the oldest minecraft server.

    MinecraftOnline is a free-build server with zero tolerance to grief. This means you don’t need protection for your buildings, and you aren’t limited in where and what you can build – as long as you don’t damage anything anyone else made, you’re free to do what you want. Our effective staff team make sure that your work is always safe from grief.

    Friendly, helpful and professional staff team present 24/7. Close-knit community of intelligent and mature individuals. Zero tolerance to grief, all bans are permanent.

    Free speech – nothing you can say can get you banned or muted, as long as you don’t spam.

    Massive world that has been online and open to free build continuously since 4th August 2010 – over 150,000 unique players have built here.

    Heavily customised software – the majority of our software has been written by our own programmers specifically for MinecraftOnline.

    High-end proffessional hardware hosted in a well connected European data centre – no lag either in Europe or the US.
    Loads of minigames – Pigchinko, Spleef, mazes, arenas.

    Run your own shops.

    Construct advanced machines using Craftbook Extra – gates, drawbridges, railway stations, factories.

    Fast travel with teleport pads, warps, a railway network, and personal fast travel commands.

    Reputation and friend system.

    Website with sophisticated control panel offering player info, mail, notifications and more.

    The server has an active well-maintained wiki with a great deal of player-submitted information about the server, features, commands, towns, buildings, organisations, how-to articles and advice:

    Explore the massive and detailed world on the online map, updated in real-time with location info from the wiki:

    Large international community with over 200,000 likes on Facebook:

    Join us on Discord:

    Join us on IRC:
    #minecraftonline on

    Capture Challenge Flag Minecraft Minefrost Skyblock Survival Vanilla

    MineFrost Network | Lag free | GREAT community

    Join the MineFrost Network today!
    – Friendly Players and staff
    – Many features to enhance your play
    – Skyblock and Survival game modes
    – Cross network chat
    – Timed Ranks with perks
    – Vote rewards and crates
    – Editable armor stands
    – Live Auctions
    – Night can pass with only one person sleeping
    – Player shops
    – MCMMO
    – Full GUI server shops
    – Mineable mob spawners (Overwold)
    – Land claims
    – Elevator blocks
    – Gamebox (various games to play by yourself or with others)
    – Buy decorative heads

    1144x Active Activecommunity Allages Arena Community Communitybased Communitydriven Crates Dailyupdates Developed Discord Dropparties Events Fair Free Friendly Friendlycommunity Fun Giveaways Largemap Latestversion New Nicestaff Nolag Noworldborder Pve Pvp Ranks Sales Semivanilla Smp Spigot Spleef Staffneeded Staffwanted Sumo Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    I-Vanilla [1.8 – 1.15]

    1.8 – 1.15 (Native 1.14.4)

    You open your eyes; around you, a large fort constructed from well-aged oak and weathered stone. The spawn-point is bustling with activity. The world outside peeks through the grand gate in front of you. You wonder what glory awaits you therein.Welcome to the lands of I-Vanilla, a brand new Vanilla Minecraft experience full of wonderful additions and a great community from the attached, well established I-Network. Play with friends, survive in the wild, build structures and bases, and enjoy a classic vanilla experience.The world is yours on I-Vanilla!

    Join today by connecting to in Minecraft!

  • Top Vanilla Experience
  • Active Community
  • Daily updates
  • Friendly Staff
  • Never-ending map
  • Organized Ranks
  • Well-developed Crates
  • 1.7 PvP Mechanics
  • Fun games & Events
  • Our staff team works tirelessly in order to make sure everyone has a unique and fair experience here on I-Vanilla. We have many additions that make I-Vanilla a great & enjoyable server. The only thing missing – is you!


    Join our Discord for the latest updates to the network, communicating with other players, and entering future giveaways! Join here: Discord




    Gizzibell is a family-friendly, little community that praises rustic building. Our group of rustic-style builders are sweet, friendly and welcoming. Whether you want to go off and build a little hideout in the woods or help us out with our survival-only spawn, we’d love a helping hand. We have an advanced chat filter, perfect for friends of all ages. We’d love to meet you, so come on in!

    Nomapresets Survival Vanilla


    IP Mc.Safevanilla.Com
    Welcome to Safe Vanilla If you are looking for a reliable vanilla server that is always online and one that will never reset EVER!!. Well you can stop looking now!!! We will only expand our map for updates but never delete like most servers do. We also use grief prevention so you can keep all of your builds safe simply use a gold shovel to protect your land..
    We have only 4 commands to keep it as close to vanilla as possible.
    /trust/all grief prevention related commands.

    Minecraft Pve Pvp Smp Survival Themattvid Vanilla

    📣 TMV.ZONE 📣 Chill Survival Server 🌳 Hermitcraft-like Community 👋 Looking for New, Mature Members

    About the Server:
    TMV.ZONE is a great server for people new to Minecraft as well as longtime players to hang around and have fun! Having a positive, welcoming community is my number one priority. I personally welcome you to come on the server and say hello!

    Come play survival with us! You can randomly teleport somewhere to build alone, or you can join one of the many towns and build with the new friends you will make here! We have top-of-the-line grief protection, so if any of your stuff gets destroyed or stolen, I can undo all the damage in mere seconds! Another cool feature is that we give a different player a turn to be the server owner each week. They can choose their own team of admins and moderators, too!

    Do you like cookie clicker? Do you like games where you just can mindlessly do a repetitive task while making progress? Then this is absolutely the game for you! In this game, you mine blocks from a mine, sell those blocks to make money, and use that money to rank up to the next rank! Then, you will unlock a new mine and the cycle continues. This game takes place within a nice town, and you are able to rent houses within that town, too! Wander around and make friends in this relaxing game!

    Intro Video:

    Server IP:

    Click here to join our Discord!

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