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SwiftCraft SMP

SwiftCraft SMP

Want to join in with others in a small to medium size SMP? Want to join a server where players help each other thrive? Want to join a server where new content and features are constantly being added?
SwiftCraft SMP IS FOR YOU!

SwiftCraft SMP Features

  • 99% Uptime
  • Weekly townhall meetings
  • Frequent Updates
  • Frequent Events
  • Active Support
  • Discord Connection
  • Proximity Voice Chat through Discord!
  • Why not join us now, at!

    You are REQUIRED to be at least 13 years old, and you must be in Our Discord to join! Than you for your understanding!

    1.17 Date Epl Gameplay Group Ken Meet Meetings Oup Pal Survival Survival Game Survival Games Updated Welcoming

    Celestial Network

    Join Celestial Network to be a part of an amazing and welcoming community. The server currently has a Survival gamemode that can be joined from version 1.8 to 1.17 and offers lag-free gameplay.
    – Updated Version
    – Ranks
    – Economy
    – Nepali Players
    – Group Weekend Meetings
    – Discord
    – Fun Events.

    Detail Details Fit Free Heart Hearts Industry Kindness Lifes Mc Server Meetings Pie Rmc Seek Tail

    New Life MC server Minecraft

    By logging into the server, you are guaranteed to get comfortable gameplay, responsive administration and heartfelt dialogues at 5 am with meetings of the best composers of the gaming industry.

    The server was not created to collect donations or seek benefits, we just want to make you a little happier, so the server staff will provide support even in the smallest details. We will not give you resources or throw away privileges – every player who received them for free deserved it with his work and kindness to other people.

    We wish you a pleasant game with all our hearts.
    Best regards, administration of the “New Life” server!

    /l/ Colour Demi Detail Details Lets Meetings Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Ship Society Students Survival Tail University

    Abertay Minecraft Society Official

    Official server for The University of Abertay, Dundee.
    What do we do?

    The Abertay Minecraft Society aims to connect students through a shared interest in the game, Minecraft. We hold weekly meetings and would love to see you come along, play games with us or just chat.
    Where do I go, when do I go?

    Every monday! | We hold our meetings in the Netlab from 6pm, if any of that changes we’ll aim to let you know far in advance.
    What’s the benefit of joining?

    Your membership lets us host our servers and ensure events can take place, for only £2.50 per academic year you could join! You’ll get member rank in all of our servers, be part of our events and a pretty coloured name to go with.

    If you’re unsure come along or add yourself to our mailing list – Email [email protected] for more details.

    Bandit Cooperative Discord Fight Meetings Quest Religion Religions Roleplay Town Towny Villagers War Wars World Wide

    StoneWorks Towny RP

    “World Building in Minecraft- In the world of Rathnir, we roleplay, build, go to war, and record our history. There are towns, nations, coups, religious wars, diplomatic missions, profound religions, alliances, libraries, secret recipes, and world wide council meetings. The world has a deep lore where the villagers are invaded and taken over by players who now fight amongst themselves. With towny, bounties, breweries, and more, Stoneworks MC is full of friendly and cooperative players triumphing over a hostile world full of bandits and wars. The whole history of Rathnir can be found at, where players’ actions and creative lore are all recorded and brought into the culture of the server.”

    Amateur Auto-mine Avn Beautiful Cheap Eau fp help Gold Guild Guilds Meet Meetings Minecraft Kit Start Presents Robots

    GoldenMC | UNIQUE amateur sevrere | Minecraft server

    PRIVET, if you are reading this then you are EXACTLY interested in the server
    we have:
    – donation items
    – clans, guilds, meetings
    – presents
    – and much more
    we have a beautiful SPAVN
    Cheap donation – the top-end donation grifer for 299 rubles!
    vk group –

    Attack Charms Command Block Ddos Details Dwo Food Latest Maintained Meetings Plant Sandbox Update Vanilla Zedwork

    Zedwork LVS Latest Version Server

    Zedwork’s “Just For Fun” vanilla Minecraft server, always updated to the latest official version of Minecraft.

    Providing an open sandbox world; experience the core Minecraft as it should be played.

    Community projects:

    The Market
    Founded by __Laurens__, now maintained by the Zriends, the Market provides a place to trade with other players. Shop plots are available on request, and all shops are protected from block-breaking.

    Community Nether Hub
    Built by luckyscharms323 and maintained by the Zriends the Nether Hub provides fast travel all across the world. Anyone may connect to the hub, though access is restricted to Zedlings (members) only. (Must play 15 hours on the server to gain Zedling status.)

    The Council
    The Council is a collection of Zedlings whom meet bi-weekly to organise community projects and events, whilst also highlighting any issues players have so they can be resolved. Meetings are open for all to attend, check out our forums for more details of the next meeting.

    Community Farm
    Maintained by the community, this public farm is located near spawn and provides both new and regular players with food. Just remember to replant! 😉

    This is a vanilla server so there are no claim protection plugins, despite this we catch and ban griefers and thieves early on using clever command block magic. We are also protected by strong DDoS protection; we’ve never been taken down by a DDoS attack.

    Please join, and HAVE FUN! ^_^

    A Minecraft Age Aus Buy Elf Equal Fut Future Invite Meet Meetings Minecraft Server Project Survival Multiplayer Weekly

    The Age of Vanilla Minecraft Server

    The Age of Vanilla vanilla project invites you to immerse yourself in the world of vanilla survival! Where each player is equal to the other, because we do not buy donat. Only here, players decide the future of the project at weekly meetings.

    09sharkboy Boy Fans Guide Lose Maj Manage Meet Meetings News Shark Survival Talk Ville Welcoming

    Sharkville City

    Sharkville is a small but close community of 09sharkboy’s fans. Our server is survival but we do have a big and welcoming staff team! Our server consists of survivalists, junior mods, mods, senior mods, admins, managers, senior admins, and owners. We are all here to help and guide you when you are on the server! We also have a discord and meetings every friday where we talk and fill you in on any major news! You can buy ranks and crate keys to use in-game! Check our website for more info!

    Apex Apexminecrafthosting Areas Elevator Entertainment Floo Inside Meetings Mountain Presentation Social Socialize Survival Multiplayer Trance Virtual


    Climb to the top of the mountain where you can find the entrance for the official virtual representation of the Apex Hosting office space which was built inside of this mountain. This is where the team gets together weekly for meetings to test new game types and socialize. Inside you will find multiple floors of our office building with a centrally located elevator taking you to different floors including areas for work, entertainment, lounging and more. We invite you to stop by, explore our offices and try out a minigame.