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Simple and honest anarchy survival ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Survival

CrewCraft Anarchy

CrewCraft Anarchy is the official Anarchy server run by CrewCraft Hosting. Anything goes (except slurs, gotta have some restrictions after all). Join and have fun! We’ll try our best to keep the server stable and fun

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AsenaCraft Anarchy

IP: /
Discord Community:

Server Version 1.11.2
We preferred version 1.11.2, which is one of the versions where cheats are common. There are many items such as the Shulkerbox end crystal totem, don’t worry.

about us
We have set up a new server with an Advanced Anarchy Server understanding to combine the difficulty of the Anarchy servers and the advanced systems in the Survival servers. We are a team with an advanced & classic understanding.

Any cheats not related to chat are allowed. Recommended Trick: Impact, Wurst…

Quality Anarchy
We have brought solutions to the biggest problems in Anarchy servers.
We prevent those who try to crash the server, break fast redstone systems instantly and clean up unnecessary entities.
We put an end to the bad chat understanding and continue to host the rules related to chat.
We stop redirecting to certain sites or using commands with books and prevent those who attack books.
We promise a lot of activities for the players to have a fun time.
We are taking the opinions of the players to improve the server.

Server Power
The power of our server comes from Keyubu Hosting quality.
16 GB DDR 4000 MHz RAM
12 Core CPU R9 5950x
160 GB NVMe SSD Disk
Turkey/Istanbul Location
200 Player Capacity

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Nohacking Nohacks Nohacksallowed Survival

Phantoms Anarchic/ Phantoms Anarchy (1.16.5) (No hacks) (ES/EN)

Welcome to the anarchic phantoms server!
This is an anarchic server where hacks are not allowed.

There are numerous datapacks and plugins for a better experience.

You can also optionally put on voice chat.

Welcome to the anarchic phantoms server! This is an anarchic server in which hacks are not allowed. There are numerous datapacks and plugins for a better experience. You can also optionally put on voice chat.
Discord server:

2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone Anarchy Anarchysurvival Hacksallowed Nolag Norules Pvp Survival

2G2T • A real anarchy experience

2G2T • A real anarchy experience Minecraft Server

No OP, no anticheat, no rules. Cheat, lie, and steal on the BOLDEST anarchy server in Minecraft, 2G2T.

Absolutely no queue means you never have to wait to get online.

No anticheat whatsoever, and flying allowed means no frustrating glitches while using hacked clients.

We will not patch dupes or exploits unless they begin to start real-world issues (ie server downtime or privacy concerns)

Upgraded hardware and wired connection means virtually zero lag.

2G2T is an authentic Minecraft anarchy experience.

Invite link to Discord:

Anarchy Anarchyminecraftserver Anarchypvp Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Anarchyworld Survival

Anarcry – New Anarchy Server

Searching for an anarchy server with absolutely no rules? You’ve come to the right place!

In our server you will be able to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t hinder the server’s performance. The cause will be removed but you most likely won’t be banned)

– Use /plugins to see the available plugins

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Cookie‘s Vanilla-Anarchy-SMP-Server

Welcome to tah official Anarchy-Server by Cookie — a German Youtuber

Anarchy means, there are no rules! You can basically do what you want.

Ok, but one rule still exists. But it should be easy to keep it in mind:

Cheating, modding and hacking will end up in a permanent IP-ban!

I guess that was clearly. Anyways, we see us online 😉

The server updates automatically. Current version: 1.18.2

Anarchysurvival Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

NA survival

NA survival
brought to you by @pvphub

NA survival is the best NA server for 1.16 and up semi vanilla minecraft
with many players with unique play stiles and pvp methods we bring to you a fully custom coded NA server

Anarchy Anarchysurvival Grief Griefing Pvp Server Smp Stealing Survival

Advanced Survival | Anarchy | No Map Resets | Griefing | Season 1 | Now with ViaVersion! |

A TRUE Survival Experience! Advanced Survival is a (mostly) Vanilla anarchy server, with NO WHITELIST, and a rich history, that offers a 100% Survival experience. There are no rules, grief, PVP, steal, lavacast, and play at your own pace, your own way! Join us today and start your own empire, or survive alone in the wilderness against all other players, the choice is yours!

Q: Can I join on bedrock?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Does Advanced Survival have 1.18 world generation?
A: In fact we do!

Q: Do you have a discord?
A: The link is-

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The Railroad =Of= Notch Anarchy Survival Server

The Railroad =Of= Notch Anarchy Survival Server Minecraft Server

You feel safe riding the Railroad, but when you leave it you find yourself in an Anarchy Wasteland full of PVP Players, Griefers & Hackers all ready to set traps to your death.

It can be a nightmare wasteland and you will most likely die, people may attack you and steal your stuff, grief your base and leave their mark…
Be-careful on this railroad, there will be no Admins to save you….No bans will be given unless I feel like it, no one will be safe….

The owner arcadeportal32 may even join in on your misery 🙂

A semi-vanilla survival mode server with a protected area around the railroad, EVERYWHERE ELSE IN NO RULES NO-MANS LAND! Build what you like, blow something up, or blow up yourself with an end crystal… there are no rules in the Anarchy lands. Flying is enabled, and I always dump very rare items into a chest in spawn! Check it every once in awhile to see if I refilled it!


Use /fly to attack your foes and travel faster.
Use /clan to make a clan tag
travel around this old map, and your sure to find something that gives you an advantage 🙂


This was a map I started around late 2011 and I have been building on since, and now decided to turn it into an PVP Anarchy Survival Server
after all these years, I never finished the railroad but you guys might finish it for me lol or find a way to blow it up somehow lol..
The first video ever of the map was over 5 years ago

So yes the server map is VERY, VERY old. Almost as old as 2b2t dating back to 2011.
There are many things on that map that even I haven’t seen since the map was started years ago.
Many world-edited in builds and random crap that is over 10+ years old are still around.

Also home to one of the largest water crossings ever made in Minecraft, a-lot of made in survival mode. Marked by towers at the south end as the beginning of the bridge. Though how the chunks were made it is more like a long river now lol, as it was made when oceans basically went on forever.

The map has a protected area around the Railroad, but protections are turned off & PVP on as soon as you leave it’s boarders.
Limited Anti-Cheat outside the railroad borders, your base WILL GET GRIEFFED!!!!!!!


The Railroad =Of= Notch Anarchy Survival Server Minecraft Server

The Railroad =Of= Notch Anarchy Survival Server Minecraft Server

*There are many areas where old chunks meet up with new ones like below, esp with a server map this old, so be prepared to see some weard formations and sudden biome changes

PVP Anarchy Survival 1.18.1