Anarchy Factions Pvp Raiding Survival

Thunder Valley Anarchy

Server Type : Pvp Faction Anarchy!
Discord :
World Size : 6000×6000
Launcher type :
Modpack :
Rules: None! (well don’t duping or crashing server. Use common sense!) Griefing is allowed and so is raiding!
Protections : Faction, Security system.
Info : This modpack is big and requires a decent computer to run. Set your ram in the technic launcher to high as you can afford.
If you have any trouble getting into the server join the discord and we will be sure to help.

Anarchy Survival Vanilla


This is a modded semi anarchy Minecraft server using the create mod, join in for epic adventures and fun time! join my discord to download the mods easily –

Anarchy Hardcore Survival Vanilla

Fires Vanilla Hardcore

Do you think you have what it takes?

One Life, One Try..

PVP Is enabled, one month Ban on death.
Lag machines will be removed
Chat is not moderated, use /ignore to mute/block players from Minecraft
Grief, Raiding, & PvP allowed
No datapacks & no game changing plugins
AFK or idle is allowed, no time limit
Spawn in a random radius of 3000 blocks
No world border


The Dystopian Wastes

Enter The Dystopian Wastes, the new Anarchy server!
No rules, no limits.

Run by 123gold1234 and Gazotey, admins will only intervene if the server becomes unplayable in some shape or form.

Currently in beta.

Anarchy Survival


[still in preparation]

** BE & JE **

**This is the ANARCHY SERVER which you can FLY!**

*There are no rules

*For Minecraft above 1.12.2

ip: (Since 2021.05.03 -)

(it may cut off in anytime because it is still in preparation)

Bad English Sorry!

Anarchy Economy Survival Towny Vanilla


Welcome to OOF.LAND!
Oof.Land is a small Minecraft community committed to having fun in Minecraft. We tailor our Server to our needs and add plugins, maps and features as we wish. If this speaks to you, you are welcome to join our community!
We have Members all over Europe, the official language is English, but other languages are allowed, please use the “/msg” or “/message” command to not spam the global world chat.
We support Java and Bedrock!
Visit our website for more information and updates! Visit under us under <---- Contact us if you wish for a plugin, feature or world to be added!
So what are you waiting for join us at: !

Anarchy Survival


Anarchy Server with Active Playerbase 😀
One Year Old.
Join if you don’t Want!
Also you are not welcome if you join.

Anarchy Mini Games Parkour Pve Survival Vanilla


The official PeeNuts minecraft server.
Hermitcraft like vanilla survival 1.16.5
Last reset: 29 april
Soon?: Parkour, Minigames, Kit-pvp,Skywars


❤️Ramaden-Anarchy❤️Cases❤️Kit start❤️Discounts 75% ❤️ Minecraft server

Ramaden is a server for a cool game!

There are modes on the server:

❤️Anarchy and Vulture❤️


Anarchy Survival Vanilla


*** Test Server ***
Lawless24/7 server 1.16.5
Minecraft server without laws in vanilla version updated to the latest version (every time a final version comes out), try to survive if you can.
Trial version, the server will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Test 3 (09823450983425089324)

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