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Ava Världar

Return of Ava – Run Wild! is a modpack designed for use on Ava Världar.
Ava Världar’s mods are centered around nature and will change slightly, as mods update or are added/removed.

Ava is a whitelisted server. You will need to fill out an application, and be accepted, in order to play.
This modpack is fairly fluid – The mods and settings we have and use may change regularly.

The server is currently LIVE

For more information on how to apply for the server, or to ask any questions, join our Discord.
[Website] [Technic Modpack] [Curse / Twitch Modpack] [APPLICATIONS]

This server is run:
  • In Canada, but should have a stable connection for all countries
  • .On a dedicated machine through OVH – They are highly recommended for advanced server admins. I’ve used them for years and I absolutely love them.
  • With 24GBs of RAM, to cope with the many mods and to prevent any excessive lag from server strain.
  • For fun! We’re not here to make a profit, any donations go straight into the server.
  • Forever. We will not shut down unless absolutely necessary, but will always be back! We also will not restart the world unless vast majority votes to.