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You can join SC-Skyblock with any MC Version above 1.16.5!
Hey! This is SC-Skyblock or formally known as SyntaxCraft Skyblock! Our server is has machines! You can ore double, create power, and way more! The plugin providing this feature is known as Craftory, and you will need to accept the resource pack in order to use it!Our server utilizes premium hardware to provide a lag free experience. We use only the most fully optimized plugins like, EssentialsX, ChestShop, and many many more.
Island upgrades: You can upgrade your island! Your cobblestone generator can be upgraded to give you access to diamonds, gold and more! You can purchase size upgrades, and more!
Boosters: The boosters on our skyblock include things like double crop growth, double experience gain, and even flight!
Missions/Quests: We have carefully considered our quests and missions, and will be adding more over time and as necessary! They have been tweaked to provide fair rewards and progression for an equivalent amount of playtime!
Crates: For anything that your skyblock does not start with, or that is unobtainable we have added crates, which through regular progression on your island and by completing missions, you can purchase them! No pay wall or any purchase necessary!
Nether/End Islands: Each island comes with its own Nether and End island, that you can unlock the items to build the portals with the items you purchase from crates!
Our staff are extremely dedicated to making your experience on any of our servers the best as possible if you need help, do not be afraid to ask any of our staff members will help you as soon as they can! We will be adding new things to our server as often as we can and detailing everything about the server to make tweaks where needed to keep the experience fair and fresh for all players!
We would absolutely love to see you on our server and give it a try we promise you will not be disappointed! Can’t wait to see you there!

1.7 Aim Claim Eaglecraft Ftp Great Laim Mods No Mods Oda Plot Plots Survival Tpa Vanilla


A great vanilla survival server no mods no claim/plots just vanilla survival and no /TPA. Join Eaglecraft today!!

Builder Builders Creative Developer Developers Dio Everything Hiring Ios Pay Ring Studio Studios Survival Week

Red Studios

We’re hiring up to 10$ a week! Currently looking for Developers to help get this server up and running, as well as builders to make everything look nice. Payment will be discussed via the discord.

Anarchy Burd Deal Eye Eyes Fail Fit Hacked Minecraft Servers Mounts Pvp Save Survival Vanilla Yes

Saved SMP

Salvos is an unique server. I wanted to create a server with low amounts of rules
but at the same time offer some form of protection for the player so it’s not
complete anarchy. Many Minecraft servers fail in this regard, as they over protect
the player by burdening them with limitations and rules or with lack of rules allowing
things like hacked clients.

There’s very few, if any, servers that allow a sane balance in my eyes.

That is why I’m creating Salvos. It fits this criteria perfectly. Salvos has
very few rules but at the same time protects the player through plugins like claims
and anti-cheat.

It also isn’t a hub or a network, it’s a passion project, the ideal server I would
like to play on and I hope you find it an ideal server too.

1.18.2 8.2 Black Growing Island Mall Minecraft Survival Minecraft Survival Server New Minecraft Seed Small Stone Survival Vanilla Win

Blackstone Island

This is a new Minecraft survival server for 1.18.2. Our active community is small but growing, with a set seed and custom plugins. Anyone is welcome, and is free to join the discord:

Amazing Day île Mob Mobile Nks Oda Perfect Purchase Pvp Rank Ranks Store Survival Vanilla

T Mobile HQ

T Mobile HQ is an amazing Minecraft server, perfect for you and your friends. Join today and check out our ranks which can be earned on survival, or purchased on our store.

– xn5 (owner)

Anarchy Maps New Map Open World Poke Pvp Rust Spoke Survival Survival Games Vanilla Week Wip Wipe World Map


A new type of server, rust style game, wipe after 2 or 4 weeks and after every wipe we got an update with new plugins and new maps (Pre-made open world maps)

Anarchy Bows Cross-Play Graves How To Craft Pve Pvp Rainbow Ruby Shows Spring Summer Survival Vanilla Weather


Our first update is finally here! Hop in-game right now to enjoy all the new custom items that have been added. These items include:
-Emerald Armor
-Ruby Armor
-Obsidian Armor
-Emerald Hammer
-Obsidian Pickaxe
-Obsidian Sword
-Glass Sword
-A mysterious new pickaxe that can be used to obtain Bedrock!!
If you can’t figure out how to craft these items by yourself, a link that shows you how to craft them, will be provided here shortly. Also, head to spawn right now for a small surprise!
Dynmap Map Link:
If you’re looking for a simple Minecraft
SMP with some unique twists to it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. This SMP features cool things like being able to be revived before you die and lose all of your stuff, dualwielding, which means you can use the tool in your main hand and offhand at the same time, automatically healing sleeping players, and of course, being able to play from both Bedrock and Java Edition(together). Don’t think that’s all yet though, since we are actively working on different seasons(summer, winter, fall and spring), graves that will keep your items safe, in case you die, cool custom weather events like rainbows or northern lights, and a climbing mechanic.
If you think that all of that might be worth a try, come join us at players should also use this adress, along with 19132 as the port).

Apex Based Bran Brand Chill Hill Him Life Lit Pretty Pvp Quality Resident Survival Towny

Shimpas Survival Server

.A brand new chill survival server looking for residents!
.Pretty much vanilla but with a few quality of life plug-ins.
.UK based
.Friendly Staff

Ami Amine Disco Discord Dms Fort Hardcore Help Man Need Opé Open Pizza Sco Zama


If you need help here is my discord pizzaman3203#8581 dms are open …………………………………………………….…………………….………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………………………….:)