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DiamondShaft Survival Server

DiamondShaft Survival Server

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Server Info

We are Diamond Shaft, a medium size, Economy, RPG, Survival Server looking for members who want to have a unique community experience that you cannot find on any other server!


EssentialsX – Gives some basic commands to help the server run.
Votifier – Allows us to give rewards to players who vote on this page!
NameTagEdit – Allows us to set Colorful Prefix’s when you press tab.
mcMMO – adds RPG / MMO aspects into the server.
Towny – allows players to create towns within the server economy.
Jobs – Allows players to obtain jobs and earn money in-game.
Lockette – Allows you to private a chest to prevent players from stealing.
ChestShop – Allows you to Sell your items even when you are offline.
Logblock – Allows rolling back and preventing players from griefing.
HeadDatabase (Premium) – 11,000+ player heads for players to use.


Admin – King_Anthrax, KristinaPickle, CamoWisp
Moderator- JackeeBolp, WickedRainG, Sage, Kat_1910
Guardian – Rickross2000, Starzindarkness, Artsyegg, Sernum


For a full list of rules please visit,
When you first join the server you will find a book of rules in your inventory!

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