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Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] – Warrior Cats Roleplay

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Art Contest Event *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Our server is holding an art contest event until May 20th 2022! Gain points for drawing your own characters! Check out our Discord server for more information
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* DISCORD *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Join us on Discord for access to many applications & detailed information on lore!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Warriors of Wandering Lights *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Warriors of Wandering Lights is a Warrior cats roleplay server with 5 fan-made Clans, loners, loner groups, and extra territories. StarClan has spoken to these cats, and together they must seek peace among each other. WOWL has plenty to offer, such as…
– Warriors-related economy.
– Custom plugins
– Custom designed weapons and resource pack
– Playtime given ranks
– Gatherings every Sunday at 5:00pm CST/ central
– FREE access to roleplay loners, rogues, dark forest cats, and kittypets
– Multiple character slots (up to 12 FREE)
– Highranks & staff given out to ANY RANK (via application)
– Playtime perks such as /fly, /feed, /heal, /editsign, and multiple sethomes

To learn more about our server, join us now!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Our Clans *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan is located on the edge of a cliff, where their dens are dug from old badger dens. These cats climb to get to their camp. Their Clan is located next to a river, yet they do not like water. These cats have ranging fur lengths. They have more muscle than average. These cats are slightly taller than average. They are usually gray, black, or brown, and are tabbies or pointed.
Leader – Brightstar (Solfxllen)
Deputy – Pythonstrike (R0ttenC0re)
Medic – Moonshine (St0rmySkies)
Medic apprentice – Dewpaw (Hedgiequeen13)

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan lives on a hill with a spread forest. They are surrounded by a lush forest that protects their Clan. Their camp and dens are ditch-like, the trees trickling into camp. These cats have thin or average fur lengths, and are taller than average. These cats are also usually gray, tan, or black, and can be tabby, pointed, or solid.
Leader – Palestar (Alycat42)
Deputy – Briarfield (MaloniPoni)
Medic – Flamefern (Doctorfroggers)
Medic apprentice – Shroompaw (fallinqvirgo)

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan is built within the roots of a large willow tree, and beside a lake. Their dens are carved from the roots of the tree. They don’t get rained on, but sometimes their dens flood. These cats have slick, usually fluffy fur, and are average height. These cats are mostly brown or tan, and are tabbies with white underbellies.
Leader – Frozenstar (Xyrus__)
Deputy – Eveningbreeze (lionchompers)
Medic – Cloudrain (akeshu)
Medic apprentice – Open!


This Clan hides in large grass hills, inside a gorge. Their dens are within tunnels and rocks, keeping the cats safe. Prey mostly comes right to them. These cats have fur lengths that range from short to long, and they’re usually shorter than average. These cats are also usually brown and tan, and are tabbies or solid.
Leader – Lynxstar (akeshu)
Deputy – Cottontail (chongyvn)
Medic – Thistlehollow (bunnykoo)
Medic apprentice – Tinypaw (lionchompers)


Formed from a group of loners, kittypets, and former Clan cats, EchoClan is new to Clan life entirely. Their Clan is located in a said to be haunted forest, abandoned many years ago by ancient beings. Crystals form from the ground, trees, and in caves. EchoClan builds their camp up with bush barriers. These cats can have any fur length, body type, ect… since most of them have unique origins.
Leader – Dawnstar (kaciecat)
Deputy – Stagheart (lionchompers)
Medic – Beebringer (R0ttenC0re)
Medic – Mistysong (MaloniPoni)

Ridge Colony

Ridge Colony is a group just outside Clan boundaries that have unique roles and morals. They live within a lush valley surrounded by tall mountain walls. Their territory is full of beautiful wild herbs and has plenty of prey. The cats living there, called valley cats, are typically friendly to newcomers of all kinds as per their valley code.
Manager (Head healer) – Fal (Sunfallen)
Manager (Head hunter) – Yuffie (akeshu)
Manager (Head guard) – Astram (pancakepuffypaw)
Manager (Head Coach) – Seurasoni (bunnykoo)
Manager (Head keeper) – Cadmus (St0rmySkies)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Our Staff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Owner – kaciecat
Co-owner – St0rmySkies

Moderator – lionchompers
Admin – theturtlekid
Admin – akeshu
Head Moderator – R0ttenC0re
Moderator – bunnykoo
Moderator – MaloniPoni
Moderator – pancakepuffypaw
Moderator – SouthernSol
Helper – fallinqvirgo
Helper – Xyrus__

Want to join our staff team? Join our discord to learn how to apply!
Banned? Click here to appeal

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[1.17.1] [Custom Plugins] Wayward Warriors | Warrior Cats RPG Experience

[1.17.1] [Custom Plugins]  Wayward Warriors | Warrior Cats RPG Experience Minecraft Server

[ Wayward Warriors ]
Version: 1.16.5

Compatible for players on Java Edition, Bedrock Edition (Switch, Mobile, P.C.)

Wayward Warriors is a warrior cats fan-project founded by experienced members of the Warrior cats community. With a growing selection of professionally coded plugins and features, Wayward strives to create the most realistic, never-seen-before Warrior Cats experience possible.

Come explore our continuously growing community and try our rendition of what it means to be a warrior. Train, track, claw, and leap your way to victory alongside your clanmates as you progress and evolve into senior warriorhood. The path is already set right in front of your paws, so what are you waiting for? Take the leap and come see what our server has to offer.

Play through the life of a Warrior, from Kit to Elder. There’s unique content for every stage of life!

Explore our team’s well-built rendition of the Warrior Cats forest territory. Secrets lay at every turn!

Learn and master our custom-coded Prey system with special AI. Every prey works differently!

Explore our extensive herb and illness system as a Medicine Cat!

Gain experience and unlock powerful new abilities!

Collect and craft numerous items and cosmetics with unique textures.

Complete quests and talk to various NPCs scattered throughout the map

Share tongues, spar with your clanmates, and roleplay with our expanded roleplay commands!

Sit, lay, hiss, roll over, control your character however you want for maximum immersion!

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Call of the Wild – A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

Call of the Wild
(Open since 8th of May, 2018, currently active!)

A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server Based on the Book Series by Erin Hunter!

(Please note – this server is based on the series, do NOT join if you have not read AT LEAST one book from the Warriors series! If you join and are unfamiliar with the series, then you will be asked to leave. This may seem unfriendly, but it’s because we have nothing to offer you! Thank you).

Hexadecimal code nicknames are now available for Ancestors!

Enter Call of the Wild, a warrior cats roleplay server with plenty to offer! Our beginner rank gives you access to five Clans and two character slots!
Join the server and create your first characters! Roleplay as a brave ThunderClan warrior, a swift WindClan runner, a stealthy ShadowClan warrior, a tree-leaping SkyClan cat, or a talented RiverClan fisher!

High Ranks are always open to applications, so don’t hesitate to give us your best shot and become a character who will go down in CoTW’s history!

High Ranks

Leader: Hailstar (CallmePrin)
Deputy: Goldenfire (agaygod)
Medicine Cat: Sparrowflight (frxmthxgxllxws)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Houndpaw (TeenyPuff)

Leader: Rosestar (johncoz97)
Deputy: Weaselfang (Ray_Draws)
Medicine Cat: Willowfrost (aetherskies)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Brokenpaw (MossyRoads)

Leader: Quietstar (TeenyPuff)
Deputy: Cricketsong (aetherskies)
Medicine Cat: Gladewatcher (Ray_Draws)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Ashstar (SalPunk)
Deputy: Antlerstride (bunnykoo)
Medicine Cat: Swiftdawn (agaygod)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Tatteredstar (frxmthxgxllxws)
Deputy: Honeysky (Darkened_heart)
Medicine Cat: Berryblossom (Blobfushi)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Whisk (Ray_Draws)
Next-in-Line: OPEN!

Tribe of Rushing Water
Stoneteller: —
To-Be: Holly (aetherskies)

Monarch: OPEN!
Centurion: OPEN!
Serpente: Amberhaze (Kiwi_Rocks)
Serpente Scruffling: OPEN!

Monarch: Goldenroar (bunnykoo)
Centurion: Jasmineleaf (frxmthxgxllxws)
Seeker: Hyenaspirit (TeenyPuff)
Seeker Scruffling: OPEN!

Monarch: Oasisroar (agaygod)
Centurion: Mallowcloud (MossyRoads)
Stargazer: —
Stargazer Scruffling: Gazellescruff (StormpawTC)

Event Info:

A dark cloud of uncertainty is forming over the three Ancestor clans, tension is brewing, so much so that perhaps the only way out will be to unite as a cohesive group against the coming enemies.

Roleplay your character’s path through life, take part in fun, character-developing roleplay events such as battles, Gatherings and even prophecies!

With the purchase of reasonably-priced ranks, players can unlock further groups to roleplay as, including kittypets and strays with the Domesticated rank, rogues and loners with the Untamed rank, fierce BloodClan cats with the Marauder rank, mysterious Tribe cats with the Muddyfurred rank, powerful cats of StarClan and the Dark Forest with the Silverpelt rank, and even monstrous lions, leopards, and tigers with the Ancestor rank!
Other perks such as colour chat, italics and as many colours as you like in your nick, /nick, /hat, /fly, /feed, /editsign, nick rooms, and disguises are also part of different rank purchases! There are more to come as the server develops!

We have an active, friendly Discord server, and hands-down the best people the Warriors community has to offer! Come join us, and make friends that will last for a lifetime! We hope to see you around!

The server version is 1.17.1

Join us on Discord at the link below!
Call of the Wild Discord

If you find yourself having any issues on the server or in the Discord, don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff members listed below!

Owner: Ray_Draws

Admin: frxmthxgxllxws
Moderators: agaygod, CallmePrin
Artist: TeenyPuff
Apprentices: aetherskies, MossyRoads

Catrp Catrpserver Erinhunter Plot Plotroleplay Plotrp Riverclan Roleplay Roleplayserver Rpserver Shadowclan Skyclan Thunderclan Tribeofrushingwater Warriorcats Warriorcatsbooks Warriorcatsplot Warriorcatsroleplay Warriorcatsroleplayserver Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors Warriorsplot Warriorsroleplay Warriorsrp Windclan

[OPEN] Warriors of Whispering Shadows || Minecraft Warrior Cats RPG server [2020] [1.14.4+]




Support Email
[email protected]

-=+ Warriors Of Whispering Shadows +=-

Versions 1.14.4 and Newer

Based on the hit book series “Warrior Cats” by Erin Hunter, Warriors of Whispering Shadows plunges you straight into the action! The unparalleled gameplay comes from the custom plugins that bring the server itself to life; whether that be hunting mechanics, protecting your clanmates, or participating in Clan invasions!Gameplay has been designed to put you right into the paws of a warrior. With captivating features you shouldn’t get bored!With a custom, hand created map, the visuals are full of life. With beautiful camps and wide, expansive territories, you’ll always find something new to explore.While WoWS is gameplay oriented, roleplay is still a very important part of our server. WoWS has its own set of unique plot points in order to keep roleplay fresh and exciting! You don’t have to participate in anything you don’t want to, but its always good to go out of your way and try something new!The icing on the cake is our wonderful community! ​Community can either make or break a server. We strive to provide a safe and caring environment for everybody, with reliable staff ready to help out at any moment! Don’t feel scared to message one of us if you need anything.


Leader – Antlerstar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – None

Medicine Cat Apprentice – MISSING


Leader – Dancingstar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – None

Medicine Cat Apprentice – MISSING


Leader – Drizzlestar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – MISSING

Medicine Cat Apprentice – None


Leader – Twistedstar

Deputy – Sharpbone

Medicine Cat – MISSING

Medicine Cat Apprentice – None

Currently on the plot. . .

All of the Medicine Cats have gone missing. They have been replaced with temporary cats from outside the clans, but all is not well among the cats.

Strange happenings, strange sights, gore and whiskers found at the scene… Starclan seems to be silent and the water leading to the Moonpool is blocked.

There is a prophecy…

But what does it mean?

Who is the strange rogue who was with the medicine cats before they disappeared?

Who has good intentions, and who is trying to disrupt the balance?
Why have the new leaders only been gifted one life?

Other Features
Active, reliable staff. . .
A plot where the players choices matter. . .
A disguise plugin, making players appear as their characters. . .
Hunting and fighting mechanics. . .
A fun, kind playerbase. . .
A new staff team. . .
Custom art for events. . .

Bloodclan Cats Clans Customplugins Erinhunter New Newwarriors Riverclan Roleplay Roleplaying Rpg Shadowclan Skyclan Survival Thunderclan Vots Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcats2020 Warriorcatsrp Warriors Windclan

Virtue of the Stars [1.15.2] [Warrior Cats RPG] [Custom Plugins!]

⭐ Welcome to Virtue of the Stars!⭐


IP Address:
Version: 1.15.2 (latest)

Avid Warrior Cats fan? Have Minecraft? Virtue of the Stars is perfect for you! We have a perfect mix of roleplay and gameplay features that are completely unique!

Currently, VOTS is still in the works! We’d appreciate any publicity, so when we finally open our doors, we’ll have a community to present it to! While we’re still working on things, staff, builder & other applications will be open on our Discord server! (link above)
We’ll gratefully appreciate any suggestions anyone may have, and we’ll post updates of our progress regularly! We’d love any and all feedback to make this server the best it can be! <3