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Aon Exodus: A Themed RPG Driven Server

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Ever played Skyrim or Breath of The Wild? Well Exodus is a survival RPG Story Themed server of a similar sort. Play in a beautifully crafted and lore rich world filled to the brim with custom items, mechanics, structures and more – exploration and survival first, with story, quests and adventure thrown in. You can be a lone wanderer or a party of warriors, going from camp site to campsite, town to town, exploring all the world has to offer, without ever building. You can participate in the story and re-establish the Terminus Link, save the Mainframe and unlock the Mythbreaker protocols. or just settle down build a home of your own on a mountain, in a valley or in a cave, or even a town for that matter. This is not your standard Minecraft Experience by a long shot.

This is an RPG-esque server without any of that complicated “Town System” stuff found in Aon Chronicles. PvP is disabled by default (unless turned on). The survival experience will be different, with thirst, temperature, carry weights and more.

You cannot see other players online, there is no tab-list. Players have character card profiles with names, races and more. You can only see Name Tags when they are not obscured. Local Chat with yelling, talking and whispering even a Carrier Pigeon Messaging system which takes time. If you run into someone, you don’t know who until you interact with them! Creating that unique semi-singleplayer (if playing alone) feel while playing on a large Multiplayer Instance!

*This Server is an “Extremely Modified Version of the Drehmal map – adapted to suit large scale multiplayer – which I have been developing for the past year and a half.* with re-lootable chests, Full 3D Custom Models, respawning Mobs, a Regenerating World, Per-Player Progressions, Timed Events, Server Wide Quest-lines and many more Unique Server Custom Items, features and mechanics simply not present in the standard map.

All “Vanilla” with only a Resource Pack required (and Optifine).

Features are too numerous to simply list – better to experience it all when you join!

Come and join our Discord to get Whitelisted, to see updates, and even check out our other server Aon Chronicles!