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Alluminus Community Survival

Alluminus Community Survival
Brought to you by Chr Corporation

Mission Statement:
We are a small server with a friendly long standing community. We have been open for more than 5 years and have no intention of going anywhere. Our vision it to create a unique server with just the right dosage of plugins. We strive to maintain a clean professional atmosphere while still keeping things lighthearted.

We know what we are doing. Our staff consists of multiple people who have been playing and managing Minecraft servers for years. This server is privately owned and we handle nearly every aspect from hosting to on-demand plugin development. We only work with the best people and always encourage the staff to give players as much freedom as possible so long as order can be maintained.

We have countless plugins installed, but here are some highlights:

This quick plugin whipped up by one of our developers not only kills phantoms but exterminates them. Permanently.

These are not only a great way to boost street-cred but also can earn you valuable in game currency that can be used to buy everything from ranks to rainbow leather armor.

Super abilities always come in handy from time to time, and the competition of trying to outdo others on their skill leveling comes with some good banter. This is truly a classic plugin and we couldn’t go on without it.

What better way to deal with an obnoxious neighbor than taking them out with a simulated Minecraft gun? This plugin has been used on a quite a few mini-games servers. Despite not being a mini-games server, the second we heard guns in Minecraft, we just had to have it.

LWC + CoreProtect + DeathChest:
While a good murder comes in handy every now and then, we don’t allow griefing or excessive killing. These plugins allow you to lock chests, save items when you die, and repair builds that get griefed by low-life hoodlums.

Chest Shop:
Player shops are always encouraged and there is a public shopping mall right at the center of spawn where you can buy shops for reasonable prices and sell items.

1. No griefing
2. No spamming
3. No advertising
4. No excessive killing of players
5. Swearing is permitted within reason

We are pretty laid back and use punishing players as a last resort.
In general, don’t be an idiot is a good rule of thumb.

Our Community:
One of the biggest things we pride ourselves in, is our growing close-knitted community of different and interesting people. Minecraft is far more fun with a social side! There is never a dull moment at Alluminus.

Join our community today!