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SunnyShadowz is a server based in Sweden that has a lot to offer to people who are looking for a reliable Minecraft server with a twist to the pure vanilla experience. We started almost seven years ago as a building project with very few features but have since then entirely revamped the server.

So is this server for you? Well, as of today, you can:

• Explore, fight and build in an unlimited world, which also includes the Nether and the End.
• Utilize an array of commands to improve your survival experiences, such as set home, teleport requests to players and warps.
• Sell and buy almost every item in the game in our stores scattered around our detailed spawn town using our in-game currency.
• Buy plots of land to build in a 100% protected neighbourhood to erase the chance of being raided.
• Purchase property in our spawn city to flaunt your wealth. You can also buy cheap chest storage to keep items safe, and market stands where you can sell your items to other players.
• Fight in the arena to defeat your opponents and proclaim yourself as the champion of the server
• Try out our parkour courses for a chance to win large sums of in-game money.
• Search for well placed hidden rooms.
• Join our Discord channel to communicate with the admins and other players, but also to talk to players in-game using our synchronized chats.

Visit our website to learn more!