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MC Cities Live the City Life


Go from rags to riches! Start your life in the city by opening a small shop or getting a job, and end up a multimillionaire. Leaderboards are displayed on our website, so that top players can be looked up to by thousands. Monopolize with several businesses, own a multitude of real estate that new members buy or rent, and hire other players to do the dirty work! Our custom plugins allow players to do all this, and more. This server is one of a kind.


Minecraft Cities is a server where players can live life the way they want. They can live an honest life by working their way up to become a millionaire, owning businesses, hiring other players, starting cities and collecting taxes, or by living a simple life and owning a small store. Players can also live the life of a criminal by living on the outskirts of the town or deep in the wilderness, farming and cooking drugs to smuggle into the city. They can become drug dealers, or perhaps mug people or rob their homes. However, the server has a very experienced police force, and if players are caught, they will be sent to court and then to prison, where they will be subjected to hard work. They can work and level up through prison ranks to get out, they can escape, or they can stay and have guards or friends on the server smuggle drugs and guns into the prison to start a blackmarket shop. Anything is possible in Minecraft Cities!

Factions Skywars Survival

Blurkit Craft

Bienvenidos a BlurkitCraft un server para diversion y pasarla en grande con tus amigos, contamos con survival pvp, skywars con variación y con mucho entretenimiento y ya estamos trabajando un nuevo hungergames completamente entretenido, entra aqui hay eventos, tienda , compra tu vip , admins super buenos contestan todo y son bastantes solidarios con todos..


Survival With Friends

Remember back in the day in the beta periods where you would spend a day at school, Thinking about buildings to make and redstone mechanisms, then rush to the computer at home to build it.
Or you wake up on a saturday morning going straight to the computer to harvest your crops, breed your livestock and but your ore to cook while you eat your breakfast.
here ar Survival with friends, we try to create that setting with a open fairly laid back server.
Our rules are simple and there mainly to keep the peace.
We’re 24/7 and we try keep the server as vanilla as possible but with things like Jobs and redprotect to enhance, but not disrupt players experience.

Pvp Survival Survival Games


welcome to haycraft a server with fun and wild and minigames cume and join befor halloween adn have fun on the drop party and we will like to see you here so join now have a good day

Factions Mini Games Pvp Skywars Survival


Servidor de Minecraft
Version 1.8 hasta 1.12
Modalidades: SurvivalFactions, SkyWars, Rex, y muchas cosas nuevas proximamente.

Apto para toda clase de jugadores.

Economy Pvp Raiding Survival


SunnyShadowz is a server based in Sweden that has a lot to offer to people who are looking for a reliable Minecraft server with a twist to the pure vanilla experience. We started almost seven years ago as a building project with very few features but have since then entirely revamped the server.

So is this server for you? Well, as of today, you can:

• Explore, fight and build in an unlimited world, which also includes the Nether and the End.
• Utilize an array of commands to improve your survival experiences, such as set home, teleport requests to players and warps.
• Sell and buy almost every item in the game in our stores scattered around our detailed spawn town using our in-game currency.
• Buy plots of land to build in a 100% protected neighbourhood to erase the chance of being raided.
• Purchase property in our spawn city to flaunt your wealth. You can also buy cheap chest storage to keep items safe, and market stands where you can sell your items to other players.
• Fight in the arena to defeat your opponents and proclaim yourself as the champion of the server
• Try out our parkour courses for a chance to win large sums of in-game money.
• Search for well placed hidden rooms.
• Join our Discord channel to communicate with the admins and other players, but also to talk to players in-game using our synchronized chats.

Visit our website to learn more!

Survival Vanilla


Welcome to Vanillaverse Minecraft Server! We offer the classic Vanilla survival gameplay which is there to enjoy with others!

Complete with a claiming system, homes and basic teleporting, we guarantee a good time for you and your friends!

During these difficult times, we are also donating at least half of our profits towards the MSF, one of the many organizations fighting during these difficult times.

Care to join us?

Creative Factions Kitpvp Skyblock Survival

BananaCraft Network

BananaCraft Network is a growing Minecraft server with a wide variety of gamemodes. BananaCraft Network launched in February of 2019 and is a reboot of the original BananaCraft. The network currently consists of KitPvP, Factions, Survival, Creative and Skyblock with more gamemodes and updates planned for the future. Our aim for this network is to make the network accessible for all types of players, whether you like PvP, survival or you simply want to hang out on the server, there is always something to do for you.

We also want our server to be as simple and straight forward as possible so you can start playing right away. To achieve this we write our own custom plugins to guide you through the servers while using as much GUIs as possible so you dont have to type a command for everything you want to do. Our server makes it easy for new players who are not familiar with Minecraft servers while also offering a lot for experienced players.

Creative Economy Mcmmo Survival Vanilla


A genuine and truly worldwide 1.14.4 Survival community. We provide an environment that highly values player creativity and freedom. The gameplay is mostly vanilla with some optional grindy features like McMMO to extend your endgame.

What’s different?
– No intrusive chat filter
– Simple land claiming system
– Unique approach to community creations
– A competitive player-owned shop system that rewards quality in-game businesses
– Cool and approachable players & staff members
– The most active discord of any Survival server
– One highly populated server, rather than several small ones
– Rank vouchers that are purchasable in-game through player trading


Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival Survival Games

SkyDoesMinecraft Official Network

Welcome to the official SkyDoesMinecraft Network!

We are a community dedicated to bring you the latest and greatest Minecraft gametypes such as:

Survival, TNT Run, ButterSlap, Run from the Beast, Draw that Block, LevelsPVP, SurvivalGames, Assassins Crees, SkylandsPVP, GhostBustes, and a ton more!

Join today and you will not regret it!

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