Amplified Bran Brand Creative Difficult Difficulty Economy Hard Mini Games Pvp Rlcraft Survival Survival Games Survival Minecraft Survival Minecraft Server
Brand new RLCraft server, the hardest survival Minecraft server in the world!
Set to Hard difficulty, and in an Amplified world!

Economy Harvest Hoe Island Kits Limited Lud Rank Ranks Reward Rewards Skyblock System Unique Ves


GrynnMC is a Skyblock server with lots of features including but not limited to the following:
Custom ranks and kits,
Harvester hoes,
Unique economy,
Island top system with rewards!

Please come and join our community!

Ares Early Forward Hypixel Kill Kills Mcmmo Mmorpg Pve Roleplay Skill Skills Super Survival Wynncraft


It is a fun Hypixel-Wynncraft type MMORPG with many features such as skills and collections!

We look forward to having players on!

Currently you can join and test it out!

We are in a super early phase, but we hope you will still enjoy!

/r/ 1.12 1.12.2 2020 Anarchy Anarchy Server Ava Create Java Minecraft Java Red Reddit Rule Sub Subreddit

Orthodox is a Minecraft Java 1.12.2 anarchy server with no admin intervention and no rules. It was created on 28/12/2020.




8.2 Counter Hank Information Item Items Journey Mcmmo New World Place Pos Positive Stand Survival Tik


Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to find a new server for you and your friends to join, ARTIKEL is the server for you once you spawn in be sure to read the rules and other information so you get a good understanding of the server. After you find your place on the server have fun and make as many friends as you can as our community is very positive and will help you with any issues you or your friends encounter on your journey in our new world!

1.12 1.12.2 Ava Avatar Fun Invite Les Let's Meet Mini game Mini Games Normal Park Parkour Rules

MINECRAFT server Minecraft

MINECRAFT – Game Server 1.12.2


『✦』 We invite you and your friends to the new server: MINECRAFT

Here you can find:

『◎』 Lots of mini games (From parkour to avatar)!

『◎』 New friends!

『◎』 Smile Vovan (project mascot)!

『◎』 Normal administration!

『◎』 Good donation!

『◎』 Honest rules that you can add or amend!

『◎』 And much more …!


『✦』 If you are interested in the server, come in and have fun with the players. Let’s meet on the server!

City Citybuild Claims Creative Default Dom Eth Fur Furr Furry Hate Laim Paw Sin System

The Paw Kingdom

A furry citybuild!
We only recently started, we have a creative citybuild using a claims system in a default, untouched world. Claim something and build whatever you want! More features will come and the server is constantly improving!

1.7.10 Air Apex Crazy Crazy Craft Fair Keep Kind Lang Modpack Nda Pack Pve Pvp Survival

Ba Sing Se

Ba Sing Se uses the Kinda Crazy Craft Modpack with Minecraft 1.7.10
Play nice, Play fair, keep the language PG and have fun.

Active Anarchy Comp Complet Complete Info Les Let Mpl No Rules Rule Rules Survival Survival Server Tea


No rules survival server

Ability Acting Coop Edu Example Homes Oriented Projects Purely Qol Social Stealing Survival Vanilla Vanilla Gameplay


ArkeiCraft is a newly started semi-vanilla server aiming to stay true to the vanilla gameplay experience.

The only plugins are purely QoL oriented, with features to prevent griefing and reduce lag for example.

We use a land claim feature in order to make your homes and large projects safe, no stealing or griefing can take place, and even if it does (outside of claims for example) we have the ability to restore all items lost.

The server is focused around building a good community, and we therefore wish to see friendly, social, and interacting players as our members. Personally, I hope we get to see some fun projects arise where people cooperate to build some really cool things!