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Fairy Tail Legends of Ishgar

A world of Fairy Tail, Magic, Wonder and Adventure!

An actual Fairy Tail Server with everything you could hope for!
Live your life as a Wizard in the kingdom of Fiore, take on our 80+ requests, join one of the 10 guilds, train and enjoy everything the world has to offer, around the world you can find and obtain all sorts of Magics.
Take one of the 20 Magic Classes and train in your Magic skill until you’re a top wizard with all 14 class spells!

Fire – Control the element of fire, allowing you to scorch your enemies and douse flames!

Water – Control the very water of earth itself, striking your enemies with water and blocking their attacks!

Ice – Create and Manipulate Ice in various forms!

Guns – Requip advanced Magical Guns, Snipe your enemies and shoot out Tornadoes(Among other things)!

Reflector – Distort all that is inorganic, reflecting all manner of substances to gain the edge over your enemies

Gravity – Obtain the power to manipulate the very gravity itself!

Sand – Manipulate Sand to attack and defend!

Snow – Create and control Snow, using it to freeze and attack your enemies!

Light – Create and manipulate hardened Light, using it to pierce enemies and create Light Seals!

Shadow – Utilise the properties of Shadows, striking the enemy from their own Shadow and becoming one yourself!

Lightning – Call down and manipulate Lightning, becoming it and using it to attack and defend

Air – Manipulate the wind and atmosphere, turning the world into your play ground!

Enchanter – Gain the ability to Enchant people and things, creating Berserkers and calling down Meteors.

Celestial Spirit – Summon Celestial Spirits from another world who’ll fight for you using their Keys

Take Over – Call forth great animals, beasts and demons from within your Souls and perform Take Overs on Monsters!

Paper – Use various coloured Papers with different Effects to dominate your enemies!

Solid Script – Write magical words in the air and use their meaning to fight!

Sound – Create and control Sound to Attack, Defend, Support and Weaken your enemies!

Smoke – Create and manipulate Smoke to defend yourself, hurt your enemies and suffocate them!

Requip – Requip powerful weapons and armours with magical abilities to overwhelm your enemies!

Obtain unique and immense magics around the world!

Concerning Ranks –

Can I be Mod?
No but you can send an application to my email or on Discord, found on the server

Can I be Admin?
Absolutely not, you will only be promoted after being Moderator for a period of time and have done the job properly

You can join our Discord at !

Additional Notes
A true RPG for Fairy Tail, live as a Wizard, grow as a Wizard and enjoy the world that’s come to your door step!

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VERSION: 1.12.2





BCRAFT NARUTO is a Naruto themed server with epic jutsu, events, and an open-world. You can strive to create peace in the ninja world or to force it into ruin! Join to take part in classic events from the Naruto series through an immersive and in-depth experience! Take part in missions, exams, events, and much more! Explore the variety of PvP and PvE oriented content we have to offer. Design your character and choose a playstyle that fits you. Wield a variety of ninja tools and race to the top to become the strongest shinobi! There are a plethora of things you can do on our server, and it all starts by joining now!


We also have missions based on letter rankings, which are D, C, B, A, and S. This signifies the difficulty and skill required for the missions. You can do any mission at any rank but the letters signify the rising difficulty.

D – Reccomended for Genin and inexperienced Chūnin, Special Ninja, and Medical Ninja. Consists of finding objects, locating certain places.

C – Recommended for experienced Genin and average Chūnin, Special Ninja, and Medical Ninja. Consists of finding specific places, locating hidden things.

B – Reccomended for experienced Chūnin, Special Ninja, and Medical Ninja and average Jōnin, ANBU, and Medical Specialists. Missions that require travel and expertise in location. Missions may be somewhat hazardous.

A – Reccomended for average and experienced Jōnin, ANBU, and Medical Specialists. Missions with high hazard risk, traps, puzzles, and battle.

S – Reccomended for extremely experienced Jōnin, ANBU, and Medical Specialists. These missions feature huge boss battles, traps, mazes, massive parkour, puzzles, lore, important knowledge, and massive locations. Shinobi in this mission must have teamwork skills, an understanding of their jutsu, and a tactical approach.​


In the anime, as most may know, there are rankings of shinobi. You need to take exams to reach higher rankings on this server, so here is a brief explanation of the rank paths and conditions.

After reading the rules, taking the player test, and choosing a clan, you are set as an Academy Student of your clan and you must take the Genin Exams to participate in anything on the server.​​ The rank paths are organized like this:

Academy Student – Genin – Chūnin – Jōnin
Academy Student – Genin – Special Ninja – ANBU
Academy Student – Genin – Medical Ninja – Medical Specialist​


On our server the Chūnin Exams are hosted every single day. These exams usually consist of a series of fights in a tournament style match that leads to one or two winners depending on the amount of players present in exams, which is four or eight.

​On Jōnin days, which is Wednesday and Saturday, an exam with four or eight members is hosted for Chūnin ranked shinobi, which results in one or two Chūnin being promoted to Jōnin, and then receiving a second element of their choice, which combines into a Kekkei Genkai.


​The first step to becoming an ANBU is taking the Special Ninja Exam. These exams feature a parkour race where the objective is to obtain four scrolls in order to pass onto a combat round. There is a four and eight man rendition of this and again, eight man exams would mean two winners while the four man means one.

​For ANBU, you just need to take the Jōnin Exams on Wednesday and Saturday. As stated previously, the Jōnin Exams is an exam with four or eight members, resulting in one or two winners who receive a second element of their choice, which combines into a Kekkei Genkai.

​The four and eight man renditions of the Special Ninja exam are not currently automatic, but the four man rendition is a goal to be accomplished in the near future.


​To become a Medical Ninja, you take the Medical Ninja Exam. It involves taking a written test and having a high enough score where two or four individuals will pass onto the next round depending on whether the exam has for or eight people. The final matches would be combat where the participants are restricted from using their chakra natures to test craftiness and quick thinking in combat, resulting in the winner receiving Medical Ninja. There is a four and eight man rendition of this and again, eight man exams would mean two winners while the four man means one.

​For Medical Specialist, you just need to take the Jōnin Exams on Wednesday and Saturday. As stated previously, the Jōnin Exams is an exam with four or eight members, resulting in one or two winners who receive a second element of their choice, which combines into a Kekkei Genkai.


A newer feature to our server is an ELO based matchmaking system akin to many MOBA genre, objective, or rank based games. At the highest ninja rank, users are matched up against one another in a 1v1 match that will decide their points. There are letters for each bracket.


You gain 10 points on a win and lose 5 points on a loss. You require 100 points to rank up a single number and 500 points to rank up a letter. There is no rank decay as this is small-scale, but with more people, the gameplay will evolve. There are a selection of intriguing maps to play on and it it considered the high-skilled training point for players on the server.


Another feature to the server is an endgame component that allows users to go for RPG rank positions. We have a selection of characters which are listed in-game along with the requirements needed to get them. We focus on quality over quantity so we don’t have a lot of the main characters, but it allows users to craft themselves their own path. To gain an RPG rank you must reach one of many specified ranks, clans, or chakra nature combinations, and then you must take a combat test to prove your ability to play at the highest level of gameplay on the server.


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Very Smug, Smart Girls Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Minecraft Server where very smart girls play. Well, most smart girls.

They don’t usually talk but it was interesting hearing about how some girls with smart guys aren’t that keen to go out with them that much.

They just don’t find men with smarts interesting enough.

Very smart, smug girl flips a finger in Minecraft

I also wonder why girls don’t really go after other smart women. There is a reason for that since smart women are usually all too reluctant to spend enough cash on a boyfriend in order to move up in their field of endeavor.

In other words, if you’re not smart about it, smart women are not the best. If not, then the fact you have an interest in this stuff won’t help anyway, right?

I suppose you’re correct, in that smart women are not the best. It’s not like they want to date a guy who’s smarter than you, that’s obviously a mistake.

But let’s talk about that. There’s a reason girls like smart guys so much and why they’re happy to get them into relationships.

The reason your average girl is not so happy with smart males is because she knows that this guy will become that guy. Your average female will not date a guy with intelligence, which is why she has no interest in spending money on him.

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