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Blood of Heroes

Welcome to Blood of Heroes!
This is probably the best DIABLO Style Faction PVP/PVE server you have ever stumbled upon where the adventure and creativity never end. Join Us!

BLOOD OF HEROES 1.15.2 Java Edition 24/7


– Old School Combat Enabled! Dual Wield any weapons!

– Movecraft (make moveable Airships, Ships and Submarines to battle your foes)!

– Slimefun crafting system on top of Minecraft to give you up to additional 9,000 crafting items in a MOD pack style without needing mods with All Supported Add-ons. Just login and play.

– Buy Pets and then level up your pet’s skills to help you on your adventures. U can get up to 3 pets on the server

– Kill Boss mobs to gain Heart HP per kill toward gaining additional hearts up to 80 total hearts and rule the server PVP domain!

– Common to Legendary Gear Drops with socketed items just like in Diablo game play.

– MCMMO enabled: gain skill levels with no Caps.

– Join 3 Jobs at once with infinite levels to gain server Coins for trading and Pet Shops.

– Secure Trade plugin /trade with player based Economy.

– Faction based land management.

– Purchase or earn server RANKS, Crate Keys and XP Boost Bombs via /buy or /vote shop.


-DO NOT ASK/BEG TO BE STAFF! WE WILL ASK YOU! If you ask, you will be unconsidered.
-No Cursing In-game Chat
-[Do not post anything explicit, sexual, or offensive] on this server. This includes Voice, Text, Images, Attachments, and Embedded links. This entire server is SFW. No NSFW content.
-Don’t Spam General Chat. Use /msg, /r, /fc, etc.
-TPA or Grief Killing Allowed.
-No Advertising Other Servers. You Will Get Banned!
-Faction Griefing is Allowed. Random Map griefers will be banned.
-Stealing is allowed. Remember that Faction Land can protect your chests!
-No Gliching or any Client-Side hacking/modding of any sort. You will be banned!