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Dan Machi Rebirth

Hello! and welcome, to Dan Machi Rebirth. A modded rpg, adventure Minecraft server based on the anime Dan Machi! If you love both Dan Machi and Minecraft then this may be perfect for you! The server is currently in Open Alpha as of 12/06/2020 3pm EST (12th June) and will continue to be open until beta which is expected mid September – Early October if I receive the support I need from the community. Dan Machi Rebirth consists of many features. We use SkillAPI which helps us create skills for the player as well as classes. Currently we have 3 classes. Warrior, Tanker and Assassin. Now for all you mages and healers out there don’t worry they will be added in the future. However we only recently added SkillsAPI so I myself as the only major person working on the server have many other features I need to add, such as creating new floors, new mobs, new quests and much more for the player to enjoy! The server currently consists of Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, Gathering Quests, Questlines and much much more coming in the future along with a main questline. Now this isn’t all we have to offer! We also use mods such as maple pets and maple items which have custom models so you don’t have to suffer with the basic weapons from vanilla! The use of maple pets is also very unique as it is not a very known. Maple pets is a mod comprised with multiple pets which gives buffs from speed to strength and resistance. Now even though this isn’t much we are only in alpha and I have only been working on the server for 23 days as of the 10th June. In the near future we will be adding multiple familias each with there own unique buffs and abilities! Now if this sounds like something you would enjoy then please help me out by joining both the discord and downloading the modpack! Every player and download is appreciated as without the players this server would be for nothing!

So come along join our community and start your own adventure today, in Dan Machi Rebirth!