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Cat Realms [Survival, Creative, Minigames, Cosmetics, And more!]

Greetings and welcome to Cat Realms!
We are a small yet friendly server with looking for both active and nice people to play with!

1.-We have Semi-vanilla survival mode, with a nice economy, auction house, and /sell hand command available.

2.-We have as well a Creative world, using the regular yet efficient PlotSquared system.

3.-And last but not least, we have some mini games available! such as a custom mob arena, build battle, and a small but fun parkour for you to have fun!

4.-We just added ranks!, now you can rankup by playing more and more time!, we┬┤ve got 5 ranks, and each one of them contains different kits, more creative plots, money, and we will soonly add more!

5.-´╗┐Although we are a fairly new server, we are always listening to our players to keep the server fun, updated, and bug free!!

6.-We are also looking for active staff members and builders!