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LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons

LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons Minecraft Server

Server IP:

Lunacraft Skyblock is a brand new Skyblock server just entering our open beta phase. We’re looking to shake up the Skyblock genre by throwing in tons of custom mobs, bosses, weapons, skills, abilities and more.

We’ve spent a countless number of hours putting together a completely new experience that we hope players will love.

Custom Mobs

Our world is filled with custom mobs like you’ve never seen in vanilla Minecraft before.
You’ll have to check your client version to remind yourself you aren’t playing on a modded server.
Breathtaking Boss Fights

Face challenging PVE boss fights alongside everyone on the server. Stand
strong against an array of deadly skills and claim the boss crate as a reward for your victory.
Massive, Handcrafted Dungeons

We currently have 4 dungeons, each with their own theme, biome and set of
challenging custom mobs. Each floor increases in difficulty, and yields better and better rewards.
Custom Weapons, Tools & Armor

Conquer LunaSkyblock’s bosses, or dive deep into the dungeon to collect unique
armor sets and weapons, each with their own statistics, custom appearances, and active abilities.
Your Home In The Sky

After a long day of dungeon diving and boss slaying, retire to your island and use your spoils to turn your mound of flying dirt into a booming economic empire. Employ droids to work for you, even while you are offline.

Now is a great time to join our community. During this 30 day beta phase, we are making critical decisions that will shape our server forever. We’re inviting you to come be a part of our development process and help create a server that you can call home.

Join us today using IP:

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EKCRAFT Bloodmoon Survival : 200+ Enchantment : RPG : BOSS : Custom Items : Dungeon Loots :

┬┴┤ EKCRAFT ├┬┴┬ Bloodmoon SurvivalIP: EKCRAFT.NET

  • Custom mobs
  • 200+ Custom Enchantment
  • Player warps/ 3 home
  • Custom items
  • Bloodmoon events
  • Fishing
  • Revive player
  • IP: EKCRAFT.NETActive players wanted. Brand New Minecraft 1.17 JAVA Server.Located in Australia. We are still developing our server.