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Tales of Acanem – Casual Medieval Fantasy Roleplay

For Minecraft Java 1.14.4 (due to certain restrictions)

What is Tales of Acanem?
Tales of Acanem is a light D&D styled Roleplay server taking influences from D&D mechanics and tossing in a few features from the Witcher- while keeping a dark and gritty theme. We’re not a MMORPG, so be prepared to bring forth your creative juices and imagination! We heavily focus on player satisfaction, veering away from any and all Pay-to-Win features whatsoever. We’re here to create beautiful story and get players invested in what we have to offer, while also allowing players to live out their character’s lives to their fullest. You don’t need to be a professional roleplayer to join us, all are welcome to join and try us out!

General Lore:
The World of Acanem was created many, many years ago, letting rise to the empires and kingdoms of old that came and went along with the histories that took place within them. Scholars of this day were able to find records of the now settled world which takes place 982 years ago to this day. It was created through a melding of the outside planes that the creator gods had made. However, to what age that was is long lost to time and man. The age is now dubbed the Age of Exploration or A.E.
Our lore is vast and expansive. And we only want to improve upon it more by letting the players’ choices affect the future…
Other Features:
– Survival World (For when you’re bored or just up to play with friends!)
– Plenty-o-Plugins
– Custom World
– Editted custom texture pack (with permission!)
– Custom domain!
– Plenty of lore and Gods to read up on!
– Custom combat system (We use dice too!)
– Personal and Global events!
… And many more.
For the safety of our server, we prefer a community with the age of 16+ to prevent potential lawsuits and having to deal with unhappy parents due to the content of our server. Reasons being:

– Drugs & Alcohol use
– Blood/Gore/Extreme Violence
– Vulgar language
– Horror themes

We do not allow any sexual or adult activities on the server or on our Discord/forums.

How to Join:
For the safety and quality of our server, we do have a Whitelist in place. But thankfully, our application process isn’t too difficult. Just requires that you read through what you need to know and set up your first character. From there, you’re able to hop on and explore the world! To join, follow this LINK. That will take you to our Whitelist format. Copy the format and create a new thread in the Whitelist Application forum by clicking on ‘New Thread’. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us on the DISCORD.
We can’t wait to potentially see you on board!