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Hard Survival Anarchy (1.15.2) | Really Hard To Lag! | Best Anti Cheat! | |

Welcome to my official anarchy server! Here you can do what ever you want.
The server stays up to date with the latest version of minecraft and its really hard to lag! –
(will be in 1.16 when it comes out and when spigot supports it)
The server has been up for 5 months now and its doing very well.
You can create clans, build that thing you’ve always wanted to build, explore out to the thousands, even the millions if your brave enough in this hard world!

Also for anyone that doesn’t know what anarchy means – anarchy = do whatever

If you’d like to support the server go here

If you want to join our discord server join here

– You can now see my servers at different websites, the websites are listed below –