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Classic zDug Revamped

Tired of the same old minecraft servers? Sick of economy servers? Are you looking for the feel of vanilla minecraft in a multiplayer environment without having to worry about your builds being griefed? You’ve come to the right place!

The server is almost fully vanilla! We do have a very nice grief protection and trade plugin. TNT is enabled and lava flows (below sea level 😉 PvP is enabled on the entire 50,000×50,000 block map less the spawn area.

Supports the newest version of Minecraft with 100% completely vanilla Dungeon Mazes, Hunger Games, Parkour and other mini-games!

Now with dedicated voice server too! Join for details!
Additional Details
Tired of the same old minecraft servers? Sick of economy servers? Are you looking for the feel of vanilla minecraft in a multiplayer environment without having to worry about your builds being grief
Game Version: Minecraft 1.5
Tags: Survival, PvP, No Economy, Vanilla, SemiVanilla, Hunger Games

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We run a variety of plugins to ensure that your experience on MCGuardians is no less than excellent. We promise youll want to keep coming back. Weve added plugins such as CoreProtect, LWC, and ProtectionStonesto ensure that all of your builds and items youve worked hard for are completely safe. There is a strict no griefing policy, so in the event that a grief does happen, the person at fault will be punished and whatever is lost in the process will be completely restored.

We also offer a live map. This will help you find the perfect spot for you to create your home or get the resources that you desire. Default users have the ability to set up to 3 /homes, allowing you to set a teleport to places you want to continue to go to again. We also allow you to /tpa to other players so its possible to go to their location at anytime with their permission.

There is an economy, to allow players to get items by other methods than just harvesting them. Its also in place to allow the purchase of protection stones. ProtectionStones is a plugin we use that allows the player to protect a specified area of land but is completely optional. Any grief that happens will be undone regardless if a ProtectionStone is used or not.

As far as staff goes, we dont accept anyone who is less than excellent. The staff arent quick to use their powers unless its necessary, we understand that mistakes are made at times. The one exception to this is of course, griefing. Other than that, you can expect leniency in most situations. There is no abuse here.

Hopefully this short write-up of our server is enough to give you a good idea of what to expect from us. If there are any other questions, feel free to post on the forums or ask them ingame. See you around.

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Creepers Universe MC

We are currently working on a Minecraft Server we will give info when it is up. Its a faction PvP server but its got MiniGames PvP Arenas And All That Good Stuff. If you dont want to build your own house you can buy one with in game money from an admin at a nice village where you can get your own custom built house. Donators get better kits to start off in MiniGames eg hungerGames and PvP Arenas Get better armor get better stuff meet new friends and rule the server with an iron fist as a President on this server gets elected every month, It can do special commands telling you how to live your life and rules but if you dont follow them the police will take you to jail and yes there is jail. Get your own job and live Life your way Crinimal or not its your life.

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MC Delirium


In the mood for a little traditional Minecraft? Come check us out! We are a crazy cool server dedicated to fun, Semi-Vanilla gameplay! Our experienced staff and friendly community are sure to make you feel right at home on our server. Want more information? Check our website at!

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MineUp ist dein Minecraft Server ! Baue dein Haus in einer riesigen Stadt und zeige deine Stärken im Fähigkeiten-System McMMo oder sei ein Schnösel und gib mit einen Riesen Kontostand an . Spaß darf nicht fehlen bei tausenden Games !


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Cosmo Mines | OP Prison

OP Prison with Crates, PvP, and amazing staff. Join now. Owner is a popular YouTuber.

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EldariaCraft utilises a custom map to provide a fun experience for our users. A link the map is here—custom-terrain-mc-10—end-portal/. We chose this map to enrich our users experience. Join today for Factions, and adventure.

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a New factions server with nice staff and nice plugins like: Mcmmo , jobs , essentials , factions , votifier so u can vote for rewards.

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Old World Survival

Old World Survival is a new survival server. It has an economy, the ability to create shops, and land claiming. The server is new, so come make your mark. Griefing, hacking, exploiting, using x-ray texture packs, and harassment aren’t allowed.

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Golden Creeper

Founded in 2010, this Minecraft Server has seen many of ups and
but over the years, its loyal and downs, passionate group of longtime players turned it into a very welcoming and inspiring world with a wonderful community and solid rules.

#1: Don’t be a dick!
#2: See rule Number 1.

This simply means that we don’t endure griefing, stealing and anything else that harms other players. Goldencreeper is a 16+ Server for a reason! Although we make exceptions depending on the maturity.

We also have a great custom world for you to explore and build.

Screenshots[email protected]/

If you want to join us, we will welcome you with open hearts and show you around!
To get whitelisted go to and write a short application for us. Or just ask an available mod for a whitelist.

We are looking forward to meeting you!!
Your Goldencreeper Community