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Nostalgic Builders!

What is Nostalgic Builders?

The aim of our server was to ask, how could Minecraft have turned out differently? We looked back to the nostalgic and well-loved version of Beta 1.7.3 from 2011.

Using authentically ported and updated Minecraft 1.7.3 terrain generation, with modern blocks and items, we’ve updated the game to bring you the retro Minecraft experience whilst retaining the quality of life improvements and great additions of Modern Minecraft.

You can now experience Beta 1.7.3 with horses, flower forests, deep oceans, better boats, fireworks, stonebricks, and more!

As the server is built with modern Minecraft in mind, we can keep up to date with new additions, whilst still creating an authentic experience. We use plugins to tweak and fix the game to bring it to life in retro style.

Join us on our discord for more server information, rules and community:

We’d like to thank MrBurgerUS for his work on the terrain generation and his mod Beta+ and PoeticRainbow for his Golden-Days resourcepack!

Come join us and experience modern retro!