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Runic Realms | 1.9 – 1.15 | Custom Fantasy MMORPG | NO MODS Required!

Welcome to Runic Realms! This is a full-on fantasy RPG in Minecraft! Don’t join this server expecting your typical SMP server with a few changes. This server has been in development for over 20 months, boasting a 6k x 6k fully-custom made map and over 75,000 lines of code to make it truly feel like a new game! NO MODS REQUIRED!

– [​50+] New items added through our server resource pack!
– [​5] Classes: Archer, Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Warrior
– [​5] Professions: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Enchanter, Hunter, Jeweler
– [​30+] Quests
– [​60+] Powerful Spells
– [​2] Challenging Dungeons
– [​1] Massive Raid

Available on Versions: 1.9-1.15