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Craft Town

Welcome to Craft Town. This is a difficult Towny server with rpg, pve and pvp elements. We have leaderboards for various tasks. Level ups that uses mcmmo, jobs and economy to obtain. Items that alter your characters health, damage and lots more. Custom craftables. Custom world map, aswell as a resource world.

NO real money store that breaks the game. Just play for fun and to become a legend on Craft Town

Server Map:
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Pvp Survival


This is my Survival MC Server, We have active staff and players who can help you rise to the top. We have a land claiming plugin so maybe build a base!

Economy Factions Pvp Survival


HypeX is a minecraft community for all of us to Enjoy.
Our community strives to provide the best possible Minecraft Experience to everyone !
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Factions Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla


InvasionZ is a DayZ based survival PvP/PvE server with guns and much much more. Your ultimate goal is to survive and thrive starting from nothing and ending up an unstoppable veteran survivor. Zombies are a threat to your survival and will kill you. Other players may be friendly and help you survive, or they could be a bandit and murder you for your supplies.

Factions Hardcore Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival Survival Games


A small Minecraft server that will grow with time. So far we have Survivals and plans to bring factions and skyblocks in. If the server were to grow we would upgrade the total server size.

Economy Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla

Gamehub Junior High

Gamehub SMP is a SMP (Survival Mutliplayer) with custom plugins and economy, you can claim YOUR land and build a city with your friend while leveling up your items and getting cool custom enchants and stuff. When you log on you get a starter kit.

Kitpvp Pvp


PracticePvP | 1.7-1.8

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Add to your server list, we are waiting for you.

Anarchy Kitpvp Pvp

Ghost Anarchy

Turkey’s best anarchy host
No lag!
No ping!
Shutdown Risk – No risk of server crash!


Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


An SMP with an active staff team, fun events, and great plugins and compatability! We hope you enjoy your time here at Notoraxia!

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Roleplay Towny

Warrior World

Warrior World is a Kingdom server based on the countries of Europe.
Win the war, conquer territory and become the new king!

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