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Sneyersul Minecraft Community – Creative / 1.15-1.16 / Est 2012

Sneyersul Minecraft Community – Established 2012
– Creative Plots 1.15.2
– VIPs get World Edit

The creative server is perfect for role-playing thanks to our custom features for PlotSquared. Change the weather, time and game mode and much much more. Chat only with the players on your plot or the entire server. Use command blocks to build portals or create your own minigames.

Server Website @
Visit forums, chat with friends or contact a member of staff for questions or enquiries.
Check out some user-made videos! YouTube
Join our steam group! Steam

Donate from as little as 5$ and gain access to mob disguises, world edit and a custom nickname of choice, more info here!

Salami can be gathered by voting for this server! Use /Salami to access in-game features such as mob disguises, /plot deny and many more.

It may seem like no one is online, but PMC is checking the playercount for the hub which will be empty due to people playing on other servers. Try for our creative server or for our survival server.