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Alpha Realms [NEW! 1.19 Fun Survival]

Are you looking for engaging, and social players that enjoy building or playing survival? You’ve come to the right place!

Alpha Realms is a survival server offering a new, refreshing experience to Minecraft.
We offer 100% grief protection (meaning all your builds will be kept safe) and features such as Jobs, Quests, Economy, Custom Terrain, Land Claiming, Crates, Player Warps and so much more!

With a server difficulty set at hard and mobs that scale in level depending on how far you are from spawn, a challenging survival experience is guaranteed! However, fear not as you can earn some rewards that will assist you in your journey.

We aim to keep the survival experience as vanilla as possible. However, if you can earn enough coins, you can purchase certain permissions.

IP Address –
Forums –
Discord Invite Link –

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CastleReborn | Release 2pm EST 10/9

CastleReborn is a remake of a popular planet on CosmicPVP. Castle planet has been left for dead and any of those who have played it I can assure you have had a blast. I’ve decided to make this remake to bring back the feeling I had when I first played factions I’ve also added a few feature that weren’t present back then just to make things a lot more fun.
Features Include:
Shockwave Pickaxes for trenching
and a lot more features come check it out for yourself you won’t be disappointed