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SFGaming | Teams | Trackers | Soup Heals + Classic Raiding

SFGaming Presents The Brand New Anarchy Team Raiding Server.

There Is No Land Claim protection , You can Make a Team and Set a HQ / Rally Point.

Both can be used as a base or farm warp. You also get 3 set home’s by default along with /TPA.

PVP And Raiding is ENABLED So Build Secretly.

The Map Size Is 15,000 x 15,000 Blocks In Each World.

Mushroom Soup Will Heal 3.5 Hearts Instantly when consumed Like Old School Minecraft / MCPVP.

This Server used TRACKERS So you can find Bases To Raid. They Are Created Out of A Diamond Block, 4 Gold Blocks & Obsidian. You Can Only Build a Tracker in The Main World, Not The Nether.

At Spawn, Try Out The /Track All Command On Top Of The Diamond Block.

Every Day You Can Get Access To /Kit PVP Which Will Have Iron Armor, Soup And A Sword.

Come Join The Community And Check Out The Other Games We Play!