Anarchy Economy Plugins Pvp Shops Survive

Anarchy-Sharegame Minecraft server

Anarchy + Economy!

Try to survive on the server and get as much game currency as possible!

The player with the highest balance at the beginning of each month receives a real payout of $ 100!

How to get currency? There are many ways:

– kill players and take their money

– get and sell resources in the store

– select resources, armor and tools and sell them in the store

– vote for the server using referral links

– every 4 hours a raffle of rare resources takes place on the site

Only 3 things are prohibited on the server: advertising / spam / flooding, cheats and insults. The rest is allowed!

Be careful! A plugin for fair PvP is installed on the server, which means that if you start PvP, you will not be able to exit until 30 seconds have passed.

If you disconnect during PvP, you will lose things.

Join and test yourself in one of 3 roles: the worst griffon, the bravest warrior or the cautious survivalist!

Good luck!

Available commands on the server:

/ spawn / tpa / tpahere / sethome / home / delhome

Details on the website:


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