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The Big Sister Server

Welcome to the Big Sister Community! A community consisting of two whitelisted servers!

You can join us at:

o The stable, builder/survival-centric Big Sister server, which permanently runs the latest stable Spigot version, has a Dynmap at, a special plugin that shares the server chat with our Discord server, and can be accessed with the IP:

o The experimental Little Brother server, which changes mod flavors every month or two, it can be accessed at:

Being whitelisted for one server automatically allows you to be whitelisted for the other server! If you wish to join us, please head down to the “How to join” section.

Do you just want to take a peek at our Discord group? You can join us at:

Want more info? Click here:

About the Server:

The Big Sister Server’s main world has been built up by countless players throughout its years in operation. From the biggest of mansions to the smallest of homes, you can find it all by exploring our vast world. We also have several minigames that players have built up for people to enjoy such as Spleef, Boat Racing, Jousting, and many more.
We also have somewhat of an economy on our server with Cheese. Cheese currency comes in three denominations: green cheese (emeralds), cheese (sponge), and blue cheese (lapis blocks). Cheese can be traded to villagers in the spawn mall to buy blocks for building.
We host many events throughout the year on both servers. Many of these celebrate holidays, both from real life and ones that were created on the server. we also host UHC (Ultra HardCore) events occasionally in which players have a chance to fight for prizes.