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Welcome to

Survival – Economy – Admin Shop – User Shop – MMO – Professions – Level

We offer you a friendly survival server.
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.
In addition, a farm world that is reset regularly.
To start on our server, each player gets a starter kit and
a manual where everything is explained in detail.
If you have any questions, a server team is ready to help you in a friendly manner.
You can secure your own plot of land in the survival world.
You can choose different professions and level them up to earn your money
You can learn skills through mcMMO.
Through playing time, you can later reach the rank of regular player.
Furthermore, we offer the players an admin shop in the spawn area which is looked after by NPCs.
Players also have the option of renting their own shop in order to be able to offer their goods there.
At the survival spawn, NPCs are waiting for you with tasks that you can complete.
The NPCs will reward you for your work.

Small overview of the server:

– Survival im Freebuild
– Farm world with regular reset
– Professions and Skills
– Business
– Random Teleport
– Secure property
– Vote reward
– No loss of your equipment on death
-No loss of your levels on death
– Discord
and some more!

We are not a Pay2Win server!
We also do not tolerate insults or bullying on the server!
Any violation will be penalized as we want to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Everyone is treated equally and nobody can buy advantages!

The server team is easygoing and friendly, should you be interested in joining,
then just get in touch with a team member and we’ll see what we can do.

More ideas are being planned for the future on the server.
And if you have any ideas, you are more than welcome to bring them in.

If you have any questions, just join our Discord!
Until we see each other on the server.