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LunarSMP Survival 1.18

Welcome to LunarSMP. Our server has the friendliest community on earth, hands down. We’re an Survival server running on 1.18 with new world generation. The latest version of Minecraft.

[+] Grief Protection
[+] Player Ran Economy
[+] Need Staff
[+] Free Ranks
[+] Vehicles
[+] Semi Vanilla
And so so much more.

If connecting on Bedrock Edition, or any version of the game that isn’t java follow these instructions.

PORT: 19132

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The Core SMP | 1.18.1 | Chill | Crates | McMMO

A small, chill community hosted around Minecraft SMP! We sport the new caves & cliffs update alongside some extra features such as Crates, McMMO, Jobs and so on.


118server Cavesandcliffs Cavesandcliffssmp New Smp Survival Vanilla – 1.18 Vanilla SMP

OOF.LAND 1.18 Vanilla SMP

Server IP:

About this server:

This is our new standalone 1.18 Vanilla Minecraft server.The new Server will not have any change in game rules or add plugins as of now. This means this server will not have ‘keepinventory’ activated PvP is turned on, players will not be compensated for lost items in any way. As the name implies, we will not add plugins and buildings will not be protected, although this is not an anarchy server. Please respect other players and their property. A close-knit survival server network. As a community driven server, we use multiple different applications to stay in touch with our friends on the server, most notably Discord. Feel free to join our discord server at Alternatively, you can join our forum at

Please read our rules here before you join.

We make our servers for you!

We always listen to our player’s feedback. You can influence our server’s future by submitting your ideas, suggest features, or ask for something to be changed. We decide this in user polls on our discord and forum.

You can read more about us on our website,