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Neo City Craft ; the Minecraft City Roleplaying experience!

Welcome to Neo City Craft, where you decide who you’d like to be! Neo City Craft focuses on roleplaying, but does not ignore
what makes minecraft fun, implementing our own new Combat mechanics, Travel mechanics and more!
Filled to the brim with 3D Models, Questing and modern builds!
In our early release Beta, we plan on introducing the players to the core concept of Neo City Craft,
then moving on to the Major Updates which will resemble what the overall look of Neo City Craft will be…
This Beta Release will be available to all players, but does not reflect the final outlook of the server!

Need more Information?
Join the discord server here;
or privately message, Guapo Gaming#6969 for more details!

GET TO WORK UPDATE! – Jobs and Questing will now be widely available on the map.
LIFE OF CRIME UPDATE! – Rob the bank, and rule the city, mad with power!
LAUNCH – No more Beta mode, now that we’ve got everything we need we can fully “Launch”…