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Nik’s Server

This is my personal server, running from home. Mostly vanilla, tho I use a few data-packs for extra features.

For now this sever might not be online full-time, but if people are interested, I’ll try to keep it up more 24/7.

Currently hosting a Creative Flat map, for building and redstone. I’ve built a few contraptions near spawn, including my Lights Out game!
Feel free to explore the hedge maze! 😉

New players start in Adventure mode, plz don’t expect Creative immediately. Spawn has a 100-block protection radius, for my builds. Creative mode is given out manually, at NikoKun’s discretion. (If you seem trustworthy, and I’m in a good mood. Don’t beg/nag me plz.) No plots for now, just honor system.
Griefing/hacking will get you banned! And I backup the map frequently, so don’t waste your time.