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ReviveSMP | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | New

Here at Revive SMP we are trying to revive back the old sense of vanilla. With all these other SMP server having loads of plugins and land claim just ruins the old vibe. No here. With limited custom addons we strive to keep the old vanilla style alive. We have shopping districts, mega builds and giant farms. So bring your friends or come solo and adventure with a lovely welcoming community

Do we have pay2win? No


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NetherFirma (Survival / Hermitcraft style server) [No-Reset]

Welcome to NetherFirma. NetherFirma is a new survival/HermitCraft style server.

All are welcome as long as you follow the rules (/rules).

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards griefing.

We plan on having massive community projects which anyone can contribute to.
We do not plan on resetting the map at any time; as a result, builds are permanent. You can view the current map at before joining if you want :).