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Welcome to the Overview of The Patreons Community Server on

For the past days, I’ve been preparing non-stop the new community server.
The Server is now in an initial test phase, so things will need adjustment or can break, but be sure that I’m on it!


15 September
30 October
  • What is it?
    – A community server to play vanilla Minecraft together with other Patreons on
    McMeddon┬┤s Custom Worlds
    – A way to showcase worlds to people that haven’t been able to see the worlds
    – A place where (I hope) a community can form
    – A little longterm-present to you awesome people
  • Current Map:

    Gerohall v2:

  • What can I do?
    – Survival survival survival ~
    – Play, trade, adventure or explore the latest custom Maps
  • Ranks? How do i get my Patreon Rank ?
    – use verify or /drs verify and follow the steps
    – ranks will be handled through discord
    – more here:
  • Seasons, what are they?
    – During the server lifetime, new maps will be introduced to play on. Each map will be a dedicated season that will switch in 2 months intervals. So every 8 weeks, the community will play on the latest chosen Map from McMeddon. It’s enough time to create and build awesome structures, and keep up with the update cycle of McMeddons map progress
  • Will I be able to save my progress?
    – Currently, each season will reset everybody
  • Is it Patreon only?
    – The worlds will be accessible & playable for everyone
  • Will there be PVP, mini-games, etc?
    – The main focus is on a family-friendly coop survival community experience. The server won’t host dedicated mini-games or PVP games aside from the creative and survival part.
  • Good to know Commands:
    – /verify or /drs verify #get your rank
    – /hub or /lobby #to get to the hub/lobby
    – /spawn #to get to world spawn
    – /season #gives links and basic information about the season