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Forever Play

Forever Play is a multiplayer, Minecraft community where you can customize your character, make friends, chat, design your own apartment, and so much more.

The Forever Play world is designed to allow players to create, explore, imagine and play. Around here, it’s about being who you are and meeting awesome unique people!

We are the ONLY server with the original roleplay experience that no other server has.
We offer roleplay and creative plots(More coming soon!).

Want a place to make rps for youtube or other series?
we have tags and addons to help suit your needs!
we even have warps all around the map to help get to places faster!

Want a beach rp?
we have it! What about a school rp or city rp series? we have everyhing u need and more!

What about props for our scene?
Yes, including hats! (/hats | /props)

Is the community or staff toxic?
Nope, we are very friendly and helpful!

Do you have donator ranks?
Yes, on our store

Nope, we purchased all the rights over forever play from

Despawned(Owner of Minteria), this really is forever play and

we don’t allow fake copies of our server so feel free to report them!

We also have discord!

Versions 1.12.2 up to the latest minecraft release!

1) No NSFW or racial slurs
2) Bullying or Harassment in any shape or forum is strictly forbidden.
3) No Spam of any kind in any channel or in the server.
4) No Ear Rape, loud sound in any voice chat.
5) Keep messages in the correct chat.
6) Respect everyone and they will respect you back.
7) Never share ANY personal information.
8) Report any issues you come across to a Mod
9) No Advertisement or talking about another server, we are competitive.