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AvrgDerk’s Vanilla-ish SMP Server!

This is a 1.18.2 vanilla-ish server that is running several server-side mods to spruce up structures generated in the world, add crossplay between java and bedrock editions, add proximity voice chat, and just a bunch of other QOL features that people might enjoy.

I also went ahead and created a sort-of tribute spawn area that features many builds from the Legacy Console Edition tutorials and the Battle Minigame Lobby. (Lobby secrets are mostly preserved ;D) The 10 year anniversary of Xbox 360 Edition just passed and I wanted to celebrate with a gorgeous spawn to tickle any nostalgia bones.

Wild update broke crossplay lol

-Here’s the server ip for Bedrock Edition (It’s the same as Java):
Port: 19132


Bedrock edition compatibility is a little wonky and some of the features in spawn or advancements may not look great or work at all but vanilla gameplay SHOULD be left intact. Fingers crossed.

-Here are some tutorials to join the server on consoles!-




-Some mods being used here-

-Blaze and Cave’s Advancement Datapack (Tons of achievements from Legacy Console and Bedrock Edition along with probably like 800 other achievements. Clearing them rewards items and xp. This is fantastic for keeping busy imo.)
-Yung’s Better Dungeons/Mineshafts/Strongholds/Bridges
-Repurposed Structures (More variants of vanilla structures with custom loot)
-Server-Side Waystones
-Gravestones that break themselves after 30 minutes to keep risk of losing gear
-1.8 combat (couldn’t get sword blocking back tho :c)
-Tougher Ender Dragon that scales to the amount of players in the dimension
-Simple Voice Chat
-Tater Cart (Improved minecart physics and top speed)
-Better Villages
-Horse Buff (Speeds up block breaking while on horseback, stops horses from wandering off while saddled, and makes improvements to breeding genetics. Transparent horse when looking down if you have the mod installed on client-side)
-Login Protection to keep you from dying while loading into the server

There’s more but I’m only listing what’s important, this server allows vanilla clients to join just fine. Mods are NOT necessary to join but I’d at least recommend having Bedrockify, Horse Buffs, Simple Voice Chat for an optimal experience.

-Some rules-

1. No cheating in any shape or form, I’m not going to have a huge list of allowed or disallowed mods because it’s exhausting trying to gatekeep what people want to use. It should just take common sense to know what mods would be allowed in a server like this. If it feels like cheating then keep it out of my server. (Xaero’s minimap FAIR-PLAY is allowed, I don’t want people abusing radar or cave maps)

2. Keep the chat and voice chat clean. I don’t care about swearing but I don’t want to hear slurs being thrown around, and it’s 2022, I should NOT need to be specific about what you can and can’t say.

3. Have fun and enjoy the server to the fullest 🙂

PVP is enabled outside of the spawn safe-zone. Travel with friends or with caution ;D