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Introducing Birdflop: Minecraft’s most democratic server. Nearly all gameplay-affecting decisions will be made by the players through the democratically elected board. Any player can submit a suggestion on our Discord.


The purpose of this Minecraft server is to serve the community that plays on it — NOT to make money. As a result, this server is not play-to-win and ranks cannot be purchased. The only items that can be purchased are cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay or provide any unfair advantage. Birdflop is grief-free, updates quickly, and allows players to create their own warp from day 1. We also have game nights and other fun community events on our Discord. Join with

Minigames and more!

Players can play minigames, build in a creative world, and fight in PvP arenas. Anyone can submit their own minigames arena from creative or build their own arena. Join for a fun server and a strong community.