9.2 Abilities Crawl Dun Dungeon Crawler Ender Kitpvp Mini Games Minigame Server Parkour Poke Pokemon Pve Pvp Realm


EnderRealm is a brand new minigame server that features custom minigames like no other! Hop on to be the first on a new server and play awesome games such as MineMon, a pvp game with special abilities similar to pokemon, Dungeon Crawler, Kit Pvp, Skyblock made in a minigame way, and much much more! Check out our discord for more info!

Astro Different Economy Help Lea Mcmmo Owny Please Pve Pvp Rpg Skyblock Survival Town Towny

Astro Network

Welcome to the Astro Network!
Please Come and join us and help us grow!
We feature 3 different servers, Factions – Towny – Skyblock… with
the option for some PVP on the side <3 Have fun!

Avatar Bend Bending Economy Element Elements Fire Master Mcmmo Perfect Pve Pvp Survival Survival Games Water

Avatar Survival

Survival 1.14.4
With Bending, MCMMO, Arenas, and AntiGrief!

Join this dedicated server for a unique experience!
We do not allow grief, we promote building.
NOT Pay to win.

Join Avatar Survival and master all four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Unique plugins, Constantly updated to perfection.

Axe Economy Grind Leaderboard Leaderboards Mcmmo Op Prison Op Prison Server Pickaxe Prestige Prestiges Released Survival Upgrade Vanilla

VexillaMC | OP Prison

VexillaMC is a newly released OP Prison Server. Your goal is to grind to upgrade your pickaxe to be #1 in all the leaderboards. NEW: Every 100 Prestiges = 0.1x Multiplier!

Autosell Cannoning Chunks Earnable Factions Freemoney Gems Gemscraft Minigames Money Payouts Prison Pvp Throwable Wizards

Gemscraft | factions x Prison | payouts

**Gemscraft 3.0**

4 weeks map
10 mans factions
7 alts
160 walls max base (20 chunks)
8×8 chunks main base max
3s cannoning



» 2 mines : pvpmine and mine
» autosell upgradable pickaxe *(Gemscraft Pickaxe)*
» mining random rewards


» second economy
» used at /token shop basic
» earnable from random mining rewards, envoys, koth …


» used in /ce to buy custom enchants
» earnable from mines , mobs , crates , envoy …


> Vote crate , Rare Crate , Epic Crate , Legendray Crate , Golden Crate , Mines crate , Rank Crate
» all crates contain ranks
» Physical keys
» earnable from /vote , /buy , envoy , koth …


» overworld map + Nether flat map + End flat map
» 5k x 5k maps (2500 blocks to reach corner)
» /f corner to claim a corner


» 10 types of spawners
» Chunk hoppers to collect spawners drops
» Upgradable sell wands to sell mob drops
» Tnt wands to bank creepers drops (tnt)


» throwable Ceggs
» /f tntfill to fill your cannon
» 8×8 cannon claim
» spawner drop chance 90% with creeper explosion
» spawner drop chance 50% with tnt explosion
» printer mode to print your cannon /printer on|off


`Week 1
f top 1: 7$ buycraft
f top 2: 5$ buycraft
f top 3: 3$ buycraft
Week 2
f top 1: 10$ buycraft
f top 2: 6$ buycraft
f top 3: 4$ buycraft
Week 3
f top 1: (5 to 50)$ Paypal + 15$ buycraft
f top 2: 10$ buycraft
f top 3: 5$ buycraft
note: no payouts during grace week

Ars Bee Create Current Nline Oda Online Perfect Prem Premium Prison Quality Seri Serious Tak


Currently we are the # 1 server in quality and modalities in Hispanic servers # NO-PREMIUM, we take our work very seriously in order to create a perfect community for you. We have been online for more than 3 years.

Combat Economy Keys Mechanics Progression Pure Pve Pvp Silk Survival Survival Game Titan Towny Uber Ush


Titancraft is a new Survival server that focuses on bringing people together! Our server is a grief free and protected! We are pushing to provide a fun experience while maintaining the pure concept of survival gameplay and progression.

Here are some of the features we have to offer!
– Survival
– 1.8 Combat Mechanics
– PvP Arena
– Player Shops
– Custom Plugins
– Silk Spawners
– Crates & Keys
– Uber enchants
– StatTraks
What are you waiting for! come give us a try, and bring your friends, or come make new ones!

Aco Atmosphere Coop Cooperative Creativity Draco Mcmmo Moderators Prod Pve Relaxed Respectful Survival Thread Ubs

Edge of Eternity

Mission Statement:
The primary goal of Edge of Eternity Minecraft server is to provide a fun, relaxed gaming environment with a mature, respectful community of players who enjoy the challenge and creativity of the game without needing to worry about those with malicious intentions. We have accomplished this, not through draconian moderators or an invasive screening of applicants, but as a simple by-product of a cooperative atmosphere and a mutual respect of our fellow players. We employ only a small subset of game-enhancing server-side plugins, preferring to embrace the survivalist aspect of the core game.

Whitelisting Thread:

Conomy Core Econ Econom Economy Forge Gym Gyms Maze Pixel Pixelmon Shiny Star Start Starter


This Server is a Pixelmon Reforge server it has, Shiny Starters, Gyms, Economy, and a Maze. If you want to come on go to

Achievement Contest Custom Mobs Economy Fae Fut Future Halloween Mcmmo Near Regular Solo Survival Towny Treasure

Join us on Discord:
Eden is a survival server with an emphasis on you playing and building the way you want. Whether you want to build solo, in a group, kill mobs for money, level up different skills, explore the map, build a market and sell goods to other players or build a town, it’s up to you.
**Future Plans:**We have regular updates to the server and we have a lot of plans to add a lot of content in the near future. Including Halloween Events, dungeons, events and contest, custom mobs, custom treasure and loot, more ranks, achievement system and a lot more.