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Viceroy’s Economy Server

Viceroy’s Economy Server is a player based economy server, where players control and contribute to the flow of the economy through jobs.

We provide ways to sell goods, and protect you builds.

We do our best to foster a good community and try to make everyone have a good experience!

Join the discord over at here

Rules of the Server:

1. No offensive builds, names, or skins.
2. No spamming chat in any sort of way, shape, or manner.
3. Keep innapropriate language to a minimum.
4. No non-consensual griefing or pvp.
5. Absolutely no harrasment towards any other players.
6 Ask permission before building close to another player.
7. Impersonating an admin is a bannable offense.
8. Attempting to crash the server in any way shape or form is a bannable offense.