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LockedRPG – Survival MMO

LockedRPG is a very a minecraft server on versions 1.8 – 1.17. This server is a very interactive and fun survival server based around the idea of RPG’s. This server offers a wide variety of things to do.

Stuff to do includes:

– Fighting Bosses

– Leveling Gear

– Leveling Skills

– Land Claiming
– Quests
– Collections
LockedRPG has such a large variety of things to do and a very friendly way of allowing players to do these things. Our community is very friendly and we hope to see you on soon 🙂

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LandRPG2 Minecraft server

Hi, this server has only been working for a week. But he already looks good. There is an RPG here, even sometimes PVP but often. Come to the server you won’t live!

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DelseyriaRPG is an RPG server that was initially a small Skyblock community back in late 2014’s and early 2015’s Which makes us a community that lasted over two years, Two continuous years of fun, fun, fun, fun and fun!

As we ran the server for quite a long time (two years), we acquired ourselves some professional staff members that knows what they’re doing. Our recruitment stages are hard and only real professional and mature members would pass the ultimate test to be a staff member, therefore you don’t need to worry about a staff member abusing his or her privileges as it won’t happen here on DelseyriaRPG!

Our server is striving to be the best Kingdoms RPG server that is available among other servers, and we’re trying to achieve our goal by coding custom plugins to help our players experience most of the fun while playing on our server, My name is ItsGamingSoni the owner of the server and I invite you to come and visit us and check the server out. I am sure you won’t regret doing so!

Discord Link:
PMC Server submission Link: