Aurora Gaming Networks

Welcome to Aurora Gaming Networks Modded minecraft server running ATM 6 and Forestry.

Server is hosted in Sweden but we all speak english.

Server launched in February and is very new and has lots of open areas!

Using common sense will get you a long way but the current rules are:
1. No griefing, Raiding, exploiting bugs.
2. Be nice.
3. Admin have the right to remove builds that cause high server load.
4. No random PvP.

If you have any questions or ideas hop on our discord and we will do our best to answer them!

Cross-Play Economy Lifesteal Pvp Survival Survival Games


Welcome to MineAlive! We offer top tier gamemodes and mini-games! Currently offering minecrafts recent most popular gamemode, Lifesteal. Lifesteal is a PvP Economy Survival experience. Do not die, because you will get banned!

Come join and say hello to the community, I hope to see you online.

Good luck and have fun!

Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Middle School BTB

This was just for me and my friends but I’ve decided to open the server up to any random people that would like to join. So if you come across this feel free to join. There’s not much else on it than survival because I’m still learning how to set things up, but if you have recommendations please recommend things I would love to have some ideas for things to add! Current list of this we do have, I think I got the permissions plugin set up correctly, set homes, and tpa, and we also got the bending plugin ProjectKorra.
Also if you’d like to establish any lore or anything I don’t care it’s perfectly fine by me if you make lore.

Economy Survival


Welcome to LegitMC. This server is about your entainment and your fun when playing survival. This server works in 1.18.2 So what are you doing, join the fun!

Activestaff Avatarlastairbender Discord Minecraft Survival


Hello Welcome to the new MC Bending Avatar Minecraft server!! So you probably are asking you’re self, why would u want to join this server? Well first of all we have Custom Plugins,! We have top Builder’s and Developer’s working daily on the server! Also there are custom bending abilities for you to use. Unlike other servers like this we do NOT make payed roles for in game advantages, we think as making a fair and balance avatar Minecraft server for everyone to enjoy! If you think u have what it takes to join we will see you in game!! 

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Towny


Did you play Minecraft back in the day, but are realizing you’re not 14 anymore? Tired of all the tweens around you? Then AntiMatterZoneMC is the place for you! Come join our SMP world and claim a place of your own!

Plugins and Features include:
-PaperMC, Essentials – The glue that holds it all together
-Towny, mcMMO – Claim land and grow your character
-Dynmap and BlueMap – View the world in real time, show off builds without having to log in
-Three huge overworlds – 16k x 16k Claimable main map, 10k x 10k Abundant Resource World and “Wild” area where anything can happen
-Over 350 custom music CD’s – Jam out to songs from games invented last century
-NPCs, Mythic Mobs – Immerse yourself in a detailed, fresh environment
-Currency, Player Jobs and Shops – Make money how you want, play the market your way

And plenty more!

Anarchy Survival Vanilla


A cracked semi-anarchy server. It has aspects of anarchy, but with certain rules like no hacking. Griefing is allowed. No WorldGuard-like protection.
Travel, build, grief, fight, team up, conquer.
Release soon!

Anarchy Economy Survival


This server has variety of plugins to enjoy and play around with such as EnchantmentsExpanded, an Elevator plugin for your bases, a economygui shop for those that just want to farm and buy the things they want. This server also has nice staff and no admin abuse what so ever. Everyone is welcome 🙂

Hardcore Pve Pvp Survival


This is a Zombie apocalypse server. You will need the ( DECIMATION ) Modpack to play it! Its aviable on Technic Launcher and Curse Forge!

Join the Apocalypse and try to survive!

See you soon Survivor!

Minecraft Minecraftserver Mod Modded Naruto Narutoserver Narutoshippuden Survival

Naruto Block

Naruto-Block is a Minecraft Mod Server for 1.16.5 But you would know that if you are here. There is plans to add in all content from Naruto PTS and Naruto Shippuden. So why don’t you stop on in and check out the server and the amazing members we have to offer