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Cornford Network – Adult

Cornford Network was founded in January 2020, run by Mr_Cornford and Mrs_Cornford, as partners we started the server as a single survival server with our own unique twist. Since June we have released a brand new, never seen game-mode called Fordium Wars, which we believe is a very unique experience for the player. It’s a team-based PVP game mode with team selection, consisting of seasons that last around 6-8 months. If PVP isn’t your forte then you may prefer our 1.16 survival server, which we have connected up together to form a network. There is something for everyone! Both servers are regularly updated by the help of the community, by taking regular votes and discussions in our Discord server.

To find out more about the new game mode please view the guide we have provided in the Discord server (under the ‘welcome’ channel), that will break down the game mode and what you need to do to progress.

Economy Pvp Survival


► Guns » Using CrackShot, we have over 40 Custom Guns including Tiers 1 through 5 weapons that can be found in chests, special CheatCode items than can be bought at our store or won in crates, and much more!

► Gangs » Create Gangs with your own custom name, invite your friends, sethomes, and more!

► Airdrops » Every 30 minutes, a plane flies over the city of Greenfield, dropping supplycrates! Crates are scattered around the map and contain anywhere from regular, to the best of the best of items!

► Crates » Keys can be found in airdrops or bought in our store! Different crates have different loot!

► Drugs » Our drugs is a unique feature that allows players to use specific “drugs” that will give them temporary effect.

Our custom built website features our unique forums, where players can communicate with eachother, report other players, apply for staff, and stay up to date! We highly recommend that any of our players sign up!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny


This is a Dutch Minecraft server.
Kingdom is the most important of this server ,.
Kingdom has custom plugins, and many challenges …
We give kings the most opportunities to have their Kingdom governed as well as possible: for example, they can choose their own people without Staff having to help.
Kingdom is PURE Survival !!!!!!!!!
Have fun on our server!

Mcmmo Survival


Hey, looking for some more players over here on Rollcroft! We are a smaller community server focused primarily on building. Everything on the server is built in survival and there is no /give or /tp commands. There are only a few plugins (such as Permissions, MCMMO, LWC, and other grief protection plugins).

Survival Townywars

The Global MC Network

The first geo-political Survival server to go all out on new features such as 1.15.2. and have a staff attentive to the comunity and its wishes. You wanted war? You got war, now available for everyone in our huge survival world. Come down and see for yourself.

Ps: Bring memes too, we take this seriusly but deep down; we all love some spicy memes

Based Canada Canadian Chestshop Economy Griefprevention Hard Player Pve Pve Economy Server Survival Syrup Vanilla Viceroy Viceroysyrup

Viceroy’s Economy Server

Viceroy’s Economy Server is a player based economy server, where players control and contribute to the flow of the economy through jobs.

We provide ways to sell goods, and protect you builds.

We do our best to foster a good community and try to make everyone have a good experience!

Join the discord over at here

Rules of the Server:

1. No offensive builds, names, or skins.
2. No spamming chat in any sort of way, shape, or manner.
3. Keep innapropriate language to a minimum.
4. No non-consensual griefing or pvp.
5. Absolutely no harrasment towards any other players.
6 Ask permission before building close to another player.
7. Impersonating an admin is a bannable offense.
8. Attempting to crash the server in any way shape or form is a bannable offense.

Anarchy Survival Vanilla


an anarchy server the map will never be reset 100 player slots survival have spawn fights and build monuments no rules join the discord

Economy Factions Pve Pvp Survival


Welcome to FarscapeMC the fun place to be server has Acidisland a variation of skyblock but your on an island in the middle of a huge ocean but its not water!! its acid there is also a Donation shop using Enjin for server donations for ranks and permissions and there is a phew cool plugins that we have also so if you would like to come and join this fun adventure you are more than welcome

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Pvp Ranks Shops Survival Vanilla


What is TycheCraft?
We are a completely survival dedicated server with the community at our heart. We host a variety of features to keep players entertained, as well as features to enhance the vanilla gameplay style.

We offer in-game ranks as an alternative to donator ranks which allow players to earn extra commands, features and perks by paying with in-game currencies. This allows players to have something to work towards.

Main Features
[li]Player Jobs[/li]
[li]Towns and Shops[/li]
[li]In-Game Rankups[/li]
[li]Vote Rewards + Vote Parties[/li]
[li]Safe Trading[/li]
[li]Auction House[/li]
[li]Player Warps[/li]
[li]Silk Spawners[/li]
[li]Optional PvP[/li]
[li]Percentage Sleep[/li]
[li]along with many, many more amazing features…[/li]

Bungeenetwork Community Crates Events Fun Giveaways Hiringstaff Partnerships Pvp Ranks Staff Survival Youtubers

Dark Purple — IP:

Hello and welcome to Dark Purple!


Here at Dark Purple, we strive to make sure every player is satisfied with the content we put out. Currently we only offer survival, but we plan on expanding to additional gamemodes for our players to enjoy soon!

We value each of our players so in order to ensure everyone is happy we have a dedicated staff team to help moderate, develop, and build for our server! We are currently accepting new applications so if you are interested feel free to apply on our linked website.

Our server currently supports Minecraft 1.15.2 and offers a lot of content for our players to enjoy. From crates to ranks with awesome perks to use, to pvp arenas, our server has something for everyone to enjoy while playing survival. We pride ourselves on the community we’ve grown and we’d love to have you join us!

We hope to see you around and thank you in advance if you vote for our server!

Join our Discord server at:

– The Dark Purple Staff Team

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