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MMORPG server with custom dungeons (at the moment there is only 1) with MODS and PLUGINS, dungeon mods so you can travel the world at will. We create a story so that the most curious can discover what is happening… In turn, as time progresses, the players will become part of it!


isla limboknein

At the beginning of everything, when the titans, gods and other abnormally powerful creatures, even spawns resulting from physical anomalies, disputed their place in the universe and, more importantly, their contribution to it… of course, when we talk about contributions we talk of creatures and events that modern physics cannot describe or explain… those disputes in the space abysses before all it was known as the great blirtlak war, since this would be the winner of said events. Those wars gave rise to when in the battle of barok, the name of the space abyss in which all the participants of the great war deployed their armies and subjects throughout the abyss, many of them died… others were killed, and some escaped. …. in the end all the creative creatures fought face to face and those who died created worlds, although of course… not all wounds heal… the weapons and artifacts used in that war will die with the universe, and not before yes… `however, death gave rise to life, such is the case of limboknein, a creature from the bottom of the abyss to which the blirtlak himself stuck his sword, thus skewering 12 of his competitors, traversing to the first through a From its multiple deformities, from that sword was born the life of the future world where water and life abound, as well as the death and desolation of the unclean creatures that these beings created.

You are in limboknein, the summoner has brought you, a new Eithon ardhon to see if we can stay out of reach of the creatures that roam around, for starters they will give you some basic tools and you will have to face the pathetic blords, deadly defects that are created starting from the sword and they emerge from the darkness, well as long as the gloom exists, the lords will keep emerging from it, you must talk to the sage, one of the summoner’s experiments, she will tell you how many of those pathetic creatures she wants to see die by your hand in the infinity cave, before sending you to kortrum, a name it shares with a titan that makes up the jumble of galactic anomalies strung on the blade of blirtlak, the only haven of civilization known to the inhabitants of limboknein outside of the reach of the rottenness and desolation left by those wars, there you can find other Eithon ardhon with whom you will be safe from tears. heights that the great war forgot…
The summoner has accepted that you come here to observe how you increase your power against the dangers that the future holds, your stay in limnoknein will be brief, so do not listen to the gnirs because they are there to defend the island for all eternity, punished by the invoker himself for his blasphemies and condemned as blirtlak in limboknein, since they do not deserve access to the orb, a place that can only be accessed with glory and honor if one is worthy of reaching it after death. The gnirs are neither alive nor dead, do not fear for them, have pity on them.

Economy Landclaim Pve Survival


Just Another Freaking Minecraft Server?
1 – No popup reminders to vote for the server.
2 – No asking players to donate or support the server.
3 – No rank shops. – AKA Pay to Win.
4 – No selling of upgrades. – AKA Pay to Win.
5 – We do not use any real money stores.
6 – All players can use the /fly command.
7 – All players have access to /co i – Griefing check tool. we give you full access to see for yourself who accessed that chest, door, block last.

Need to report a server problem? if No staff is online players can use /contact ingame to access my cell number 24/7. They can SMS or call me any time, Why? because I care about My Players and the server.


World Map:
Email: [email protected]

* Trolls and Scammers are not welcome on this server. *

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Junior LifeSteal ~ Cosmo

What is CosmoSMP?

Cosmo SMP is a private server with the lifesteal smp.

How do I join this SMP?

In order to join, you have to fill in the application.
Go to
and fill in the application form. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation from Confler#6033.

Compared to other servers, what makes us unique?

It is a pleasure to be a member of Cosmo SMP because we have fun, chatty members. As well as content creators, we have a few. Join the SMP if you are interested in being involved. It is very active, so do not hesitate to join!


Milktruckers – The official union for milk delivery workers in the UK

You ever just sit down and think while hopping around jumping pointlessly in circles for a while? feel free to do it here, or maybe even do some other stuff too! Such as drinking milk, talking to people, and a rare 0.5% chance of making friends!

we aren’t actually an official union that was a lie please forgive me

Economy Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

Nuke Junior High School

– 1.19.2
– Custom items
– Weapons
– Economy
– Crates with unique rewards
– Custom enchants
– Cheap P2W items! Cheapest item starting at $2



Just finished setting up multiverse with separate inventories along with multiple paintball maps and fun eastereggs to find around the server! Hope to see you soon 😀

Cross-Play Economy Factions Roleplay Survival Towny


Astradal is a nations, worldbuilding, rp server with revolutionary plugins coded by our very own dev team along with amazing plugins and custom world gen that are already popular with the worlbuilding/nations community as a whole. With bedrock and Java Cross play anyone can join!

Words can not do it justice so please drop by and check us out.
(It is highly recommended you join our discord at as its a good way to grow nations and is where the majority of communication takes place)

Economy Survival


Onryo – Network | Nothing Better than us!

The Onryo community takes care to provide you with the highest gaming experience, especially on the professional and progressive side, all for free. Convincing enough? Log in to try experience you can only get on Premium servers!



Survival Vanilla


We’re a pretty basic vanilla SMP server at the moment. We currently have a village with an iron golem farm and a villager breeder.

Cross-Play Earth Economy Parkour Survival Vanilla


The dolphins smp is a great place to hang out with your friends, and make some great adventures. and have some cool builds.