Economy Prison Skyblock Survival

Wacky World

Welcome to wacky’s world!

this server is just starting out and if you enjoy playing sky block come in and stop by cause this is the place for you, don’t you don’t have to just play by yourself this sky block allows you to invite your friends to come join your island and jump in on the fun

The server will soon be adding a prison system that allows players to climb threw the ranks of the op prison and instead of the plot system it will be your sky block, so come jump in and get started on your island on wacky’s world!

Claim Economy Lootcrates Mcmmo Pve Economy Survival


Survival economey server
We are a new server looking for a steady player base, we have plans to expand and add new and exciting features but we need your support!
Plugins include
Protecting your build


Project Jumbo Survival

Welcome to Project Jumbo, for Minecraft 1.16.3!

This is a semi-vanilla survival server that was started on 9/22/2020! We offer a survival experience with some enhancements such as Timber and HomeSet. We also offer player ranks!

Our staff team:
Illuminado, Owner
LilTinyElvis / Spiker456, Admin
LlamaMaster / OwenVerse, Moderator.

Thanks for choosing Project Jumbo!

Adults Brandnewserver Friendly Fun Mature Minigames Newserver Ranks Shop Survival Swearingallowed Vanilla Vanillasurvival


Hello and welcome!

This is Ophelia, a survival minecraft server, brought to you by the admins of the rebel penguin server from all the way back in 2012? 2013? 2017? It was some time a good few years back!!!

So we have some basic plugins that you can choose to use! Don’t wanna use tpa? Don’t have to! Wanna give yourself a cool new hat? DO it! (This is one of the perks for donators though)

This server is still in beta mode so it’s still getting some new commands etc, we will also be adding a shop, and some cool minigames super soon!! Please bare with us. <3 So we have a few ranks: OWNER Moderator Donator Player Newbie Your owners are: MandaisAwkward and K1UnderDog Your moderators are: ThatDaveCarter and Senithsensiya Why not join our discord?!

Have fun! We look forward to seeing you on the server <3 I’d say we’re family friendly, but I have the mouth of a sailor. So we’re not. If you dont mind your kids reading some bad language then this is the place!

Bedwars Pvp Raiding Survival


Join Ricecraft with the SERVER

Fun Minecraft 24/7 Server HOSTED IN CANADA With Ranks Kitpvp Bedwars And Much More!You Can Invite your Friends Roleplay,Team,Raid,PVP Server Is Fun With No Lag And Message A Moderator If You Need Help. Server is Easy to navigate Through Lots of fun And You Make Towns Chill or Raid Towns This Server has Economy And A Shop If You play the server for a week you get VIP Rank if you ply the server for a month you get Verteran Rank! Join If You Want.If you like the server do /buy and get a classic rank What you can do with a classic rank is have a op Kit And Much More!
Have Fun!



Your original peaceful skyblock with no op ranks and no pay to win we are here to give you that relaxing building experience to get you from nothing to diamonds. We want to expand this server to give you guys different types of skyblock gamemodes where it can be something that anyone can have interest and, we will make sure to listen to our players to produce pure quality. Donations will make sure to go to our server first and grow it to help us achieve our dream of becoming a network please any donations or purchases to the server will be greatly appreciated.

Economy Landclaiming Pve Pveeconomy Ranks Roleplaying Survival


sports_esports A warm welcome sports_esports

Welcome to RealmsOfAsterea!

This is a hard survival server with RPG elements. Here you will face the hoards of Asterea and build your own settlement. Finding new players, doing quests, rankup and fight in arenas. Become one of the strongest players in Asterea!

READ before playing.
Make sure to read the #⛔server-rules⛔ before jumping in to the realms of Asterea.
Discord link – RealmsOfAsterea

To check out all new and old updates you can do that in #📢announcement📢

RealmsOfAsterea IP
Server IP – >
We are working on adding a custom domain which will come soon.

~ Ranks.
~ Mcmmo.
~ Economy.
~ Jobs.
~ Quest (Coming soon).
~ Mob arena (Coming soon).
~ Crates (Need adding)
~ Custom enchants.

Cross chat, (Server-Dicord)
We have our ingame chat on discord, feel free to say hello in it #server-chat.

Best regards @RealmsOfAsterea @Rexhat @RealmsAsterea


Earth Towny Rocks!

Here at Earth Towny Rocks!, it is our deeply held belief that Earth Towny rocks. We have made a server that contains the ideal Earth Towny experience. In addition to the Towny plugin, a number of other plugins enhance the experience with rankups, economy, jobs, mcmmo, and so much more. Come take a quick look and you will want to stay.

Adventure Antigrief Awesome Chestshops City Discord Economy Epic Events Freebuild Fun Griefprevention Hardcore Hub Iconomy Items Jail Jobs Jobsreborn Kits Lobby Lockette Mcmmo Moblevel Network Petsystem Playershops Quickshop Residences Roleplay Rpg Shop Shops Skills Spleef Survival Website

QuadraCraft – Hardcore-Survival-RPG | 1.16.3

Herzlichen Willkommen auf QuadraCraft! ist ein Minecraft-Server, dessen Historie bis ins Jahr 2012 zurückgeht.
Nach einer längeren Minecraft-Abstinenz hat sich nun das alte Team wieder
zusammengeschlossen und QuadraCraft wieder an den Start gebracht.

Freut euch auf einen vielseitigen, ausgereiften Server mit Fokus auf den
reinen Spielspaß für jeden einzelnen.Betrieben durch ein Team mit bald
10 Jahren Erfahrung in Minecraft-Servern erwartet euch eine stetig
steigende Anzahl an Features auf der aktuellsten Minecraft-Version.

– Zentraler Lobbyserver als Gateway auf alle weiteren Spielmodi und Server –

– Flexibles, Communitybasiertes Serverdesign! –
Ihr habt eine Idee oder wünscht euch ein Feature? Teilt es uns mit! Wir versuchen es möglich zu machen.

-Integrierung der Community in die weitere Entwicklung des Servers –

Mobs werden Stärker je weiter ihr euch in die Welt hinaus wagt

Angepasste Drops:
Erhaltet verstärkte Items und EXP von Mobs mit höheren Leveln
Erhaltet noch stärkere Items durch spezielle Bosse
Bosse haben Respawn-Zeiten und eigene spezielle Fertigkeiten und Drops

Offline Chest-Shops
Sicherer, direkter Spielerhandel über Handelsmenü

Inklusive Levelsystem
Werdet mit der Zeit immer stärker

Euer Pet levelt, wird stärker und unterstützt euch im Kampf!
Pets haben ein eigenes Inventar das euch zur Verfügung steht
Pets können ein mobiles Leuchtfeuer werden
Sucht euch euren Pet-Typ aus! Creeper? Wolf? Spinne? Kein Problem!

Baut Mobspawner ab und ändert sie selbstständig

Schützt eure Gebiete selbst
Legt fest, wer darauf Zugriff hat

Kein PvP, jedoch die Möglichkeit faire Duelle auszutragen



Ausgereifter Support
Ticketsystem Ingame und über die Homepage verwendbar

Vollständiges Wiki mit detaillierten Erklärungen

Regelmäßige und Abwechslungsreiche Events


Regelmäßige Updates und neue Features



Schaut doch mal vorbei, wir freuen uns auf euch!
Viel Spaß auf QuadraCraft wünscht euch

Euer QuadraCraft Serverteam

Opprison Prison Survival


——– VibraMC ——–



[Version] 1.8 – 1.16

– Survival
– OP Prisons

– No Lag
– Daily Rewards
– Plots
– Completly Non P2W
– Looking for staff!
– Eco System
– Leveling Crates!
– Custom Prison System
– Envoys (Chests falling from skys)
– Admin events! (Where You get OP Stuff)

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