Creative Kitpvp Skyblock Survival

Lime mc

im a new server owner so we nee staff join please and join my discord and we love player so come join please

Mcmmo Survival Towny

Underworld SMP

Server released 2/26/2021.
Server includes Ranks, Towny, Jobs more.

Dungeons coming soon, looking for staff, discordsrv
Server difficulty set to easy, no grief server
Much more to come

Join for a good time :p

Economy Parkour Survival

Phoenix Gaming

Currently still working on it but so far we have:
parkour map with checkpoints
survival – build your house etc.
money you can earn by killing mobs and mining
shop where you can spend your hard earned money

Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Survival Towny


Welcome to GreenFieldCity
Population of 100
still in development – if you like to donation toward the server
best town youll ever visit
with stores , mall, restaurant, houses, jobs etc
Follow the law

Economy Parkour Survival Vanilla


The CavernsMC Network is a friendly place for crafters to experience Minecraft as it was meant to be, without paywalls. In our network, we have a semi-vanilla survival server, a parkour server, and an upcoming duels/PVP server, each with their own unique features. Our pledge is to remain as fair as possible, while still being able to fund the server, and add new and exciting features. Our server is ever-expanding and always improving, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see in our community discord. You can join our discord by heading to and our server is available at so feel free to join both.


Server Indo

This server is just for fun Please don’t hack. I will ban you if you do so don’t try it, ever…. this is just to make the description longer soooo.
Idk why im putting this server on the list but uhh yeah. Hope you enjoy the server. And thank you for reading

Roleplay Survival Vanilla

EnderEye Junior High

EnderEye SMP is modeled after Hermitcraft, an inclusive place where you will experience friendship, trust, respect and fair treatment. This server is an oasis away from drama and stress, where you can play a video game and not get judged for being who you are. EnderEye SMP is a 3 week old server modeled after Hermitcraft. This means that we operate on a system of trust, with a communal mooshroom spawn island/shopping district! Please abide by the golden rule of trust and common sense, as we value it above all else on this server. We do not use any claim plugins, we depend on trustworthy members and attentive staff to make sure everyone’s space is respected.

Pvp Survival

Kingdom Of Fiore

Kingdom of Fiore is an PVP server based off of the anime and manga series Fairy Tail. Upon joining, you will be able to choose from a large variety of starting magics. Join Guilds and explore the open world while doing quest with friends and deepening your connections with them. Prove your worth by fighting in intense exam PvP and PvE challenges to rise through the ranks, and when you’re ready earn the character who best suits you! What are you waiting for? Join the adventure!

Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival


Sup bitches welcome to CringeCraftHub! Start having FUN at my server today! Promise it will be good!!! Let’s do this! Gentle staff and working on improving. When the time comes I’ll tell you all to start throwing money at the screen for perks and what not to help the server survive! If not we’ll not be here next month hahahaha!

Economy Pvp Survival


Join now for the best Economy server u know follow the rules and make a happy community come and join now! Hope to see you soon!

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