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Hex-Craft Classic 1.16.2 Minecraft server

Distribution of privileges every month! Check out our VK group for details.

Hex-Craft is a complex Minecraft project that contains several servers. We are gradually expanding, and at the moment we have two servers: Classic 1.16.2 and Hi-Tech 1.12.2.

To play on our servers, you need a launcher, which you can download on our website.

What’s special about Classic Server?

Professions, pets, privates, economics, and more. All these plugins have been customized and translated for comfortable play alone or with friends!

What plugins are installed on the server?

List of all plugins:

Help is needed?

If during the gameplay you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write them to our discord support channel. You can also write to our VK group. We wish you a pleasant game 🙂

We have a website, it has a lot of guides, a summary of your work on the server, a skin change, a raincoat change, a personal account, donate services, and more.

Do not forget to follow the details in the VK group or in the discord.

Anarchy Plugins Rules

Akula – anarchy 1.14.4 Minecraft server

Anarchy on 1.14.4 without rules, donation and anti-cheat.
No rules!
No extra plugins!
No privates!
No donation!

Anarchy as it should be.
You can even enter the server from a pirate!

Discord Free Plugins Rules Survival Vanilla

VSN vanilla – 1.16.4 Minecraft server

Welcome to VSN – Vanilla World.

To start playing on the server, you need to write your nickname in the game into the whitelist, after which during the day you will be added to the whitelist and given the role of the server player in the discord.

IP –

Whitelist applications –

Also, read the discord rules.

We do not have plugins like WorldEdit, Essentials that imbalance survival. The server uses CoreProtect, ChatEx, LuckPerms, and a plugin for sit, lay, try.

You are absolutely free on the server, as long as it does not concern someone else’s freedom. But if someone violates the personal freedoms of another player, a trial can be carried out on request as in real life.

Discord Server itself –

The server is licensed and pirated.

Fun Parkour Plugins Pvp Survival

DismaFun Minecraft server

Tube server with tons of cool plugins!


Cases with Magic, Casinos, Weddings, Clans, PvP-arena, Parkour, King of the Hill, Plugins from the “City of Subscribers”

Come in and have fun!

We are from Russia and are friends with everyone!

Custom Plugins

Titanium server Minecraft

A new server that is still in development … At the moment, a spawn region is being created

There are plugins on our server

– Private territory

– Spawn, house, teleport

– By accumulating in-game coins, you can spend them on other items or buy Authority! Which will give you new opportunities!

– Looking for a game where you can play together with other players, or kill others?

– The spawn is made in the Fantasy style, and the city will not only be beautiful, but also have its own functionality! Be careful! Coming soon to rent an in-game store for players!

– custom NPC

– privileges (in development), the ability to plant others for a while, the number of authorities in the game will grow! Maybe you want to try it and you will take part in a criminal battle with other players? After all, there will be a real battle for trade in the nearest place!

The list is not complete and will be supplemented. The rights of users are also being corrected at the moment.

Server on version 1.16.4 (on 9.12.21)

7 VoteGet button code

Economy Plugins Pvp Survival Minecraft server

Welcome to!

Fast server with no lags and high uptime!

Survival, economy, PvP – opportunities for calm development and dynamic play.

Balanced set of plugins, auto donation, regular updates and improvements.

Come in, it’s good here!

Discord Fun Plugins

LeCraft | 1.8-1.16 + SIMPLY HONEST SERVER Minecraft server

Our contacts:






We have:

Mine, sawmill

3 types of cases: Donat, with coins, with items


Daily, weekly and monthly quests

Mini pets



Plugin for Alcohol


Admin panel

Turning into mobs

Management console

Wipe console

God armor




We are an honest and exclusive server, we are not a template. We are slowly trying to improve our project, we have just started!

Anarchy Economy Plugins Pvp

HyperCube server Minecraft

The server is official, which means that only having an official purchased account on the website, you can get to the server

Flat bedrock

Rapid decay of foliage

Possibility to switch PVP mode

Anarchy in two worlds – hell and the edge are not regulated by any plugins, commands do not work there, and PVP mode is always on


Reworked the system of portals to hell, now the spread in coordinates of a hell portal with a portal in the ordinary world is minimal

We also plan to actively develop the metro building

Fun Plugins Minecraft server – This is a server where you will definitely find new friends, have fun from the heart, and most importantly, you will find a new approach to the game. We have no extra plugins, just the necessary ones. Adequate administration and players.

Free Mini Games Plugins Survival

❤️ MCPE24 – Mini Games, Survival ♥ ️ Minecraft server

ஜ═══════ஜ ۩[MCPE24]۩ ஜ═══════ஜ
– For playing on the server they give a free Donate !!!
– IP:
– Port: 19152
– Version: 0.14.x
– Server group –
– Honest donation
– Auto-donate:
– No lags. Big online
– For every 10 minutes spent on the server, they give a secret
– Useful plugins. There are clans, Bonuses, Gifts, Cases, Prizes, Free donation !!!
– Kind Admins
– We are waiting for you on our server! Good luck 🙂

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