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Fantasy Craft

Fantasy Craft is a whitelisted server please apply here:
This is the Discord link to keep up with Fantasy Craft’s Development:

Although Fantasy Craft has PVP enabled, it is a server geared for those who would rather relax and play an Earth Server at a casual and relaxing rate. Minecraft should not be a game to stress over and the server offers just the solution for that. We are proud to be an application only Earth server with a 1:500 map. There are lots to do as the Earth map allows for survival building and forming communities. However, we also provide a questing 1:1500 earth map with curated quests and challenging bosses guaranteed to keep you occupied. The server offers custom items, custom tools, and carefully modeled cosmetics to bring your land to life. With the space update, you can even fly to space, colonize the terrestrial planets and moons. You can even claim your own personal asteroid and it will be yours to keep forever! Come join us in Fantasy Craft where possibilities are endless.