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MCValley Hermitcraft | Whitelist | Week old | Discord

We just reset our server. Officially 1 week old now! so quick come join the adventure and start out brand new with everyone else. Make your friends and play together as a community. Join the discord and apply. The journey begins here. Join the discord and answer a few questions, then get accepted and boom you’re in to play.

We have a dedicated staff team that does their job free of charge as we are a small community that just enjoy the vibe that hermitcraft gives off. Come make your shops now. We also have a free developer that works actively to ensure there is no lag on the server. We stick closely to vanilla play style with no plot claims and no pay2win


How old is the server: Not even started yet
How do I join: Simply join the discord above and answer the questions in the apply channel
What do I do when I play: Survive