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IronSide Games(Bedrock crossplay!) Creative plots and theme park

Ironside Games, is a magical place, where the magic of Disney, and the thrill of Universal combine, to create Sunset Studios! A fully interactive theme park! with areas like: Sunset Boulevard, Diagon Alley, Backlot, and so much more. join now for free plots, and spectator of the park while we build! We can’t wait to see you!

Now bedrock crossplay is enabled! so any bedrock player can join too!

you want to help build? sure! We dont require any level of past building experience, or even an application, just let us know, and well get you on right away! Please keep in mind that if you feel like you are bad at building, we are more than capable of teaching you how to build better! we can’t wait for those DM’s to come in, so just dm us if you want to help by filling out the super easy form! depending on the score you receive will also determine whether you get taught or not. a low score does not equal failure, and a high score does not equal success either. These scores are relative to YOU and YOU only. DM @IronSmithMC#3835 on discord with this form, and hell get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

–===DM Form===–
Hi! Id like to help with Ironside Games!
my skill level of building is (one through ten, please pick a number)
Am I willing to be taught? (yes/no)
ability to work with others (1 through 10)
list two lists of good and bad traits that you have, and rate them how much they affect you on 1 through 10 (Ex: Too talkative: 7) both lists must have atleast 4 traits