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Novadia: Back to Basics – [1.16 Snapshots, No Plug-ins]

About Novadia:

Novadia is a no plug-in server that is geared towards creating an engaging vanilla Minecraft world with a vibrant community.

The server just recently updated to the 1.16 snapshots and we are currently playing on1.16 Pre-Release 2 with plans to continue updating to every subsequent snapshot and eventually the pre-releases as they become available. Additionally, Novadia features a brand new map with little to no progress by any of our players.

The server is centered around a social PvE dynamic, but PvP is still encouraged and always enabled. We encourage players to live in close proximity to each other, forming towns, and creating alies. There are no ranks on Novadia. All players are treated as equals, and everyone is meant to feel included.

Novadia seeks to capture everything that makes Minecraft great at it is core, and we hope that you will join our community.


  • Respect all players
  • No griefing or stealing from chests
  • No game altering mods or hacks
  • About Novadia:

  • 1.16 Pre-Release 2
  • Player shops
  • PvP always enabled
  • Hard difficulty
  • Periodic resets for End Cities
  • No plug-ins
  • IP: