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Minecraft SCP Roleplay Server Site-21

Site-21 is a modded Minecraft roleplay server based on the wonders and horrors of the SCP wiki universe.

In a new and mysterious world, you get to immerse yourself as a character in a universe based on the SCP wiki. Climb the ranks of the Foundation, and go on an adventure to explore the vast lore-rich world. Or join a group of the anomalous community, and fight for unusual and new perspectives.

In Site-21, we strive to achieve a true serious roleplay atmosphere. Unlike other more arcade-like SCP games and servers, our server is more focused on the roleplay and narrative aspect. We have characters, story arcs, custom SCPs, departments, plots, GOIs, and much more. We distinguish ourselves from any other SCP server or game by bringing a true “hardcore” roleplay experience and mixing it with gameplay. And to fill out our world with content, we also have a custom-built facility map, a ton of SCP-related mods, and other custom-made things for the server. If you enjoy text RP but want to see it acted out or simply get a more fulfilling and organized RP, then Site-21 is the place for you. We bring your ideas and imagination to life. (join discord to join server)