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VoiceMC Season 2! | Join now! | Voicechat | Fabric | Mods in the discord!

A 1.19 Voicechat SMP! This smp is called VoiceMC! The smp has released Season 2! Join now! There will be no op players and the smp has wardens and allays and new biomes like the mangrove swamp! This SMP version is 1.19. Join the discord for the voicechat mod.

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The Arboria Minecraft server, Discord server and this website are currently in development! We have begun implementing key features to ensure our server is unique, these include: custom mobs, fishing, and mining systems.

If you would like to join our community and keep up-to-date with server updates, visit our Discord Server.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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Boiling Mangrove Mines

Have you ever wanted a skymine where you could build? A box server mixed with a skymine? Pretty much 2 identical types of servers combined? Well we got a building area in the server. So idk join I guess